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Bud rot?

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    Bud rot?

    Does this look like rot?
    One top on my outdoor grill looks like this it's not much.
    Should I cut this off?
    It's almost done I may just cut the whole thing down.
    Click image for larger version

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    Top an inch below, it is rot and still got couple of weeks left


      My guess is that it's rot caused by a bud worm. Here in California many of us outdoor growers have been dealing with them a lot recently. I've been lucky that I have only had 1 or 2 per plant. A moth will come along in the evening and lay a single egg on a bud. When it hatches the caterpillar will eat its way into the bud and eventually everything around it rots and dies. Just remove it and inspect other buds for developing issues. The caterpillars are difficult to spot because they are the same color as the plant.


      • 9fingerleafs
        9fingerleafs commented
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        Most likely, they bite buds and stems leaving wounds and carry the pathogens in their saliva. Some hide at soil level at the edges of the pot

      Definitely inspect for caterpillars. That is definitely one part of the bud, not the whole thing. ......

      Dude, the caterpillar is in your bottom picture, it's almost waiving.


      • homegrown
        homegrown commented
        Editing a comment looking at the pics on a fairly large screen and i saw the sucker in the top pic...and is waiving.

      • AccidentalGardener
        AccidentalGardener commented
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        Oh serious ewww. I like inside growing, lol.

      • tkienzle
        tkienzle commented
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        Shit good eyes. When I cut it off I found the little bastard in the bud eating away at it.

      Spray the plants with B. T. - Bacillus Thuringiensis it controls moth larvae’s (caterpillars) It’s only kills them safe for every thing else can use up to the day before harvest. Use once a week 4 TSPS per gallon with some black strap molasses mixed in to help it stick to the leafs. Must use with in 12 Hrs . Or it will go bad. You get bud molds & bud rot from the larvae & caterpillars 🐛 crap 💩 when it’s get wet the gray mold & bud rotting starts. That happened to me last year when stopped spraying them after I had put them in my green house. I saw the rot and found the caterpillars then found out from other growers B T can be used up till harvest. I also spray Green Cure one TLBS max !!! For molds and mildew once a week and after it rains it’s all organic. You may get some pistol burns on some plants I’ve seen some of my plants with very little. I also wash my buds before hanging. I hope you will try it everyone it’s what I’ve been doing and it’s working out fine. Hopefully you’ll have a great harvest!!! Dr. Gunner Frankenplantenstine 🧟‍♂️


        So I've not seen anymore yet but I've been spraying with Doctor Zymes so that's been helping. Think I'm gonna harvest this weekend coming up.


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