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Nute burn or potassium deficiency

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    HELP! Nute burn or potassium deficiency

    Hi, hope someone out there can help. Worried about leaf burn. Don't think it is heat as low down leaves are affected. Need help identifying, images of nute burn and potassium deficiency look the same!

    More info about setup.
    soil or coco ?
    What is your Ph ? Soil and water etc.?
    nutrients? Which kind and how much and how often ??
    water routine ?
    size of the pot ?
    How old is the plant ? How long in flowering ?

    From the pictures is looks like you have too much potassium or phosphorus to be honest. But again without any info and just 2 pictures - my answer is just as good as your own answer..

    It will help a lot for us experienced growers to help others if they just supply us with the right info and enough info about the setup and environment...
    Happy growing


      Thanks cap, inexperienced grower unfortunately. Got two moby dicks and another unknown grown from found seed. Luckily enough it's female. The burn is more on the mobys. I water every two days, 8 litre pots, in Coco. Fed with canna a b ( about 25/30 ml per L. Booster Plagron green sensation, 10ml per 10L. The area I live in tends to have slightly soft water, but nearly neutral. 5 to 6 weeks in flower. Had spider mites but THINK I have got rid ( used pyrethrum twice, maybe that's the burn?) Hope this makes sense, I'm an old boy who likes a role, not a gardener 😉👍


        Lovely you are using CANNA products, I do as well.
        I know for a fact that you are following what stand on the label of the canna product right ? It looks like it.
        You didn’t tell me what the PH is when you feed ? Or do you not monitor the Ph ?
        Do you have a picture of the whole plant ? 8 liters it not much.
        If your Ph is on spot - I definitely have think you have a nute burn.
        could be the treatment as you describe, but I hardly doubt it.
        everything goes back to the PH levels in the coco and water feeding.

        Well I’m a old shit veteran who loves the plant after I encountered it in Afghanistan 🤣👍🏻


          Hi Captain,
          here's some photos, I don't take the PH, the water's pretty good here. Is there a way to be sure it's burn and not potassium deficiency? Brown spots might indicate K deficiency, not sure. Any more help greatly appreciated. And any idea what the tall plant is? It's really slow to flower, grew outside during veg, any ideas about that?


          • Tersky
            Tersky commented
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            Gotta ph. That is most likely the issue. Ph for coco is 5.5-6.5. Neutral ph is 7 so even if it is neutral you are going to have issues without ph'ing.

          • CaptainWiese91
            CaptainWiese91 commented
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            Tersky is right.
            Without prober PH monitoring, you will likely get issues.
            And this is always the first place to start - PH every time

          • FurnaceBoi
            FurnaceBoi commented
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            Agreed on the Ph. It is critical.

          Hi tersky
          I have just used a pH strip indicating between 5 and 6. The water here is soft and acidic so can't see it being pH level. Lots of local growers all in agreement over pH. Thanks for your time, I'll get a proper tester


          • Tersky
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            I ph my water for coco to 6.0 every time as that will allow for most nutrients to be absorbed by the plant. 5.0 is a little too low and wont let some nutrients to be absorbed. Check out this chart to see what ph ranges nutrients get absorbed at . Neutral ph is 7 which is why i thought it was off when you said it was neutral. If slightly acidic then ph may be fine. Other things that mimic deficiencies are nute lockout or root issues so it could be one of those as well. Pots look a little small for plant size and if they are root bound that can cause issues. If the leaves were at the bottom of the plant not getting a lot of light however then those can start to die off which is normal.

          • Tersky
            Tersky commented
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            Oh and after looking closer i do see some nute burn and possibly Nitrogen tox so you may need to cut feed a little or do some plain waterings...

          Thanks all,
          I made a 5 gallon mix, but believe from not agitating the water the nutrients sunk to the bottom of container, causing nute burn. I did notice the mix looked greener as the water mix was used and got lower. Have cut back on feed, half normal at moment.


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