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    Should I begin chopping

    Rookie looking to avoid harvesting mistake. Anybody have any thoughts on if I should harvest these 2 plants I have going (Northern Lights and Amnesia) I have taken 2 branches from the Northern Lights so far due to them folding over I believe from the weight of the buds. I'm trying to push it as long as I can but not sure if the weather is going to cooperate, by the end the week the night temp is going to be in the low 40's and day temps in the 50's for a couple days. I appreciate any input.

    Im in the same boat as you buddy..just finished reading this and a couple of others tutorials on the site..good place to start. They are looking good by the way..good luck.
    First indoor grow for 15 years..

    6ftx6ft homemade tent
    3 x Incredible Bulk
    70% Coco 30% Perlite 30L Pots
    Professor's Nutrients feeding program
    400w HID/HPS light per plant Veg
    600w HID/HPS light per plant Flower
    ISO-Max 200 exhaust fan with filter


    • gman420
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      Thanks for the complement. I have made some mistakes but they are surviving and making it.

    What stage to harvest is the growers choice. Clear trics give a paranoid racy high (ya some like it that way, not me), milky is the high THC point and amber is CBN (couch lock), your choice as to what you like/want. I harvest some at the milky point for morning meds, and some with 50% amber for bed time.


      Somehow I like the idea of branches folding over because the buds are to big and heavy 😁


        As a cautionary note, I just finished harvesting my outdoor grows and during the trim I realized I had actually waited a little too long and suffered a bit of damage due to bud rot and an undetected caterpillar hatch.

        I was watching the plants carefully and could see they were getting very, very close: Trichomes all cloudy & beginning signs of amber, Pistil hairs all red & curled, yellow leaves giving up the ghost from the bottom up. Sunny days ahead, looking good... Then a few foggy nights, a suprise plague of little white moths and suddenly we were in trouble.

        It wasn't too bad, but perhaps due punishment for getting greedy. Isn't it funny how the worst canna problems seem to occur as harvest approaches?

        Moral: Don't be too greedy!




        • gman420
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          As a beginner that's why I post these questions every so often to make sure I am in the window and not waiting too long. Definitely not trying to be greedy though. I just would like to make it through the cycle with a harvest and successful grow and learn some things for the next time. Thank you for the input and thee heads up on the issues that could arise from waiting.

        • lalaland
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          Awwww That is too bad!
          I just did the almost opposite and harvested 2 of my 4 outside very immaturely as I was worried about them walking away in the middle of the night. It has been very wet and rainy for weeks, with nighttime lows of just above freezing, and I was treating them for wpm. I felt like they weren’t going to do much more before the weather forced harvest, so I may as well.
          The sun came out for the entire week and the humidity got to less than 60%.....
          The plants still in the ground have doubled in bud size( and probably potency) while their sisters shrunk up in the drying room😂😂😂
          At least I still have something to smoke, even if the girls outside get stolen.
          Everything about growing outside is a constant gamble, but I love it♥️

        It's all in the trichomes. It is hard to get a good look from your photos, but they may be mostly clear. Get a magnifier and harvest when they reach your desired level of color. The weather is an issue and I would cover them up during the night if you can. Nice plants, good luck.


          Thank you all for comments and advice, much appreciated. I have a small scope that I have used to check the trichomes on the 2 branches I have cut off and from what I can see they still appear pretty clear for the most part (I am still learning though). I do like your idea Rwise in harvesting some for the morning pick me up and doing some later. I will definitely cover them up OldManGrower and I think I am going to buy a better scope. Thanks again.


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