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Leaves Turning Purple Halfway Through Flowering

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    Leaves Turning Purple Halfway Through Flowering

    I'm half way through my flowering stage, and I'm just starting to notice a purpling pattern in between the veins of the leaves. The leaves don't look particularly unhealthy otherwise. Any suggestions at to whether or not this is a problem and if so what to do about it?


    Doesnt look that bad, could need a bit magnesium


      Possibly an anthocyanin phenotype.
      Some will exhibit purple leaves and stems.
      5x5 grow space
      900w of Vero's and F-strips
      4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


        It looks like that could be natural for the strain, the surrounding leaves look otherwise healthy, but a phosphorus deficiency can bring out purple colors in leaves. If you are giving it the right amount of phosphorus and other nutrients, I would lead towards the genetic answer.


          Thanks everyone for your comments. The symptom seems to be advancing and its looking a little more brown than purple. Some people are telling me it's nutrient burn and some people are telling me it's nutrient deficiency, which is unfortunate because those solutions are a bit ad odds with one another.


            OK, at this point, we need to narrow it down to mobile or immobile nutrient, although this could be Ph by the taco'ing on the leaves. Definitely worse than the original pic. Is it happening on the older lower leaves or is it mainly the upper, new leaves. Middle, all over, what says the plant?

            What is the Ph and the ppm of your input water?


              Coco? Soil? Hydro? What do you feed them? PH? What kind of lighting? Watts? Temperatures? The more info you can give, the faster the help.
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              • Basic
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                Thanks. I'm growing Critical 2.0 in 50/50 Coco/perlite filled air pots. The water PH is around 6.5. The light is a high par 200 watt led (The Optic 4 to be exact); I have it about eighteen inches from the plants. The temperature in the tent averages around 75 - 80 fahrenheit. Relative humidity around 65%. It's been in the flowering stage for three weeks.

              • Mr.furley
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                As mentioned about, this problem starts a PH issue.

                6.5 is a little high for coco, drop it down to 6.0 to 6.2

                Are you feeding them liquid nutrients? Calmag?

              Yes, I've been doing about 1 Mili Litre/Litre of Calmag. I had the PH lower earlier on in the process and ran into nutrient deficiencies. I'm wondering if my PG testing kit is a little off.


              • Mr.furley
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                Nutrient line?
                Amounts per liter?
                Pictures of the whole plant?

                You should be able to up that calmag to 1.25 to 1.5 mil per litre.
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              I'm using the Flora Trio nutrient bundle along with a Cal Mag supplement in the following ml(supplement)/L(water) proportions.

              Gro: 1ml/L
              Micro: 2ml/L
              Cal Mag: 1.5ml/L


              • 9fingerleafs
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                Magnesium needs a ph of 6,2 to be absorbed

              • Mr.furley
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