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OG Kush 7-8 weeks into flowering!

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    SOIL OG Kush 7-8 weeks into flowering!

    Hi All,
    I just wanted to get your guys opinion on how many weeks you think my OG kush has left approx 7-8 weeks into flowering.

    Jewelers loop ...12 Bucks $ Amazon .. Mystery Solved !🌱
    420Chicano ( Auto Flower Run ) before Xmas!
    Fox farm Ocean 🌊Forrest 3gallon Fabric pots
    2 Lemon Skunk Plants
    (Maybe AONL ) if Seed sprouts (waiting) 😊☝️
    CFL/Led lights set up...taking these girls pretty close to Couch Lock 🔐


      New grower here so my experience is limited, but it is very hard (at least for me) to tell from the pictures. I think it would be a little more helpful if you had more pictures that were zoomed in or closer to be able to get a better looked. Based on what I have learned from various people on this site you'll want to check the trichomes to see if they are clear, milky, or amber in color depending on what type of high you are looking for. IMO if you put up pics that people can see the trichomes you will get better input from more experienced growers. You can also look on GWE on when to harvest to get an idea. Very helpful site! Hopefully that helps you out a little.


        3 to 5 weeks is my best guesstimate from the pictures you have.
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          I think in another 3-4 weeks you'll have some killer fat sticky buds. Not easy to tell how much longer from a pic but I promise patience will pay off.


            Sweet cheers, I will get some better pictures of the trick best trichomes. And oath that’s what I’m hoping for fat sticky buds cheers man


              Here some closer pictures


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                Yes let those girls go longer i got a couple outdoor gals they are ripening up but about a month out from harvest.

              You most certainly have a couple of weeks. You really need to examine the trichomes, the info as to how is on the GWE website. It appears that the trichomes in your pics are just now turning cloudy and you still have a lot of white pistils. 420chicano is is correct. buy a magnifier.


                Cheers guys


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