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I'm not sure what is wrong here

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    I'm not sure what is wrong here

    Hello everyone, amateur grower here. It seems every time I try, I run into issues. I am doing a pineapple express, grown in fox farm soil, I use all purpose 4-4-4 and I have a well draining pot. It looks like a deficiency but I can't tell. I'm just lost. I gave it some cal mag but it doesn't seem to be helping. The top leaves look fine but the bottom are slowly dying and it's spreading. I have been watering between 6-6.6 ph, I thought I was doing everything right but I'm just not sure.

    I have a minor infestation of gnats but it isn't as bad as it used to be. Any advice is greatly appreciated

    Not being able to see the entire plant makes it difficult to see what's going on. Provide a bit more info. You say it's Pineapple Express but is that photo or auto? Lights or sun? Based on what I see in the picture the containers seem to be on the small side. What stage is the plant in? Nutrient feeding is very dependent on the plants needs at each stage. In the meantime, remove those damaged leaves at the bottom.


      Sounds like you are overwatering. Fungus gnats come when the soil stays wet. Let the soil dry up a bit and if all else is good that problem should go away, probably not taking up nutrients well being overwatered. Other than that if the soil wasn’t wet I’d say add some gypsum dust or even better hit it with some hydrated kelp meal water and any problem you have should go away.


        I think transplanting to a larger pot will help. Check the condition of the roots if you do.
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          Thanks so much for the response Guys, I'm not sure of the genetics of the seeds as they were saved from a previous smoke. It's an grown using lights. It's currently in flowering stage. I'm going to try the suggestion of going to a bigger pot and watering less. Sorry I didn't take a pic of the whole thing, those spots were the main area's effected, the rest of the plant isn't drooping or showing the usual signs of overwatering I'll take more though. Thank you


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