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Wilting After Transplanting.

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    HELP! Wilting After Transplanting.

    Hi just wondering if it's ok that my plants are Wilting after transplanting to new Coco? And if so how should I be treating them until there back up? Just finished watering in after transplanting about an hour ago. Cheers

    Has your coco been charged with CalMag already? Did you feed when you watered? I'm not a coco grower but those are a couple things people will want to know. From my understanding it's pretty similar to hydro and you want to start nutrients right away. Otherwise yes, that's normal for a plant to droop a bit for a day or 2 after a transplant. Just keep an eye on her and don't do anything to her for a few days except water if needed.


      Okay sweet i just wanted to make sure it was a normal thing to happen, yes i have Uber coco with perlite and clay balls witch i was told had everything in it to go.. no i didn't feed when i watered as it was fresh soil and first time transplanting and wasn't too sure about the wilting so i got abit flustered and panicked and got some Ph'd water on immediately until about 20% run off..


        Sounds like "normal" transplant shock. she should be back to normal by tomorrow she just needs a little time to get used to her new home. Doesn't always happen but it's not really an issue.

        i wouldn't do anything for at least 2 days, you're just going to stress her more. just water like usual or w/e you do with coco.
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          allright cool yeah just woke up now at 6 a.m. and ran out like it was christmas morning to have a look and its gaining structure again thank the bud gods thank you


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            I know i can't wait to see them every morning so funny like you say

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            its really true, they are like people almost they are like your children lol

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