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Full Strength Nutes - Good or Bad?

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    Full Strength Nutes - Good or Bad?

    It started as an experiment - aren't all grows? - earlier this year. Decided to try full strength nutrients on my autoflowers.

    I use Green Planet trio with their ProCal.

    I feed my plants nutes/nutes/something else - something else is - organic molasses/tea blend/plain water.

    Which I have been using on this Blueberry autoflower since the beginning. All it has done is exploded in growth. Every second day I defoliate 20 leaves or more. And then she pouts a bit the next day.
    No topping - No LST - just defoliating.
    She's built herself a nice even top - I didn't even try to do that.

    Good thing a couple of plants are nearing their end or I might run out of room in my 3x3.

    Pics of my Purple Kush - which should have about 3 or 4 weeks to go yet.

    And a group pic of the tent.

    Anybody else using full strength nutes from the seedling stage on?

    Click image for larger version

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    ​​​​​​3 X 3 gorilla. Promix soil . Green Planet Nutes
    Optic 4 - 415w COB 18/6
    Vortex in-line 6" fan

    Dang, you have done a nice job with those. It pretty much is always an experiment, there are so many ways to do things but to truly try something to see if it works, you can't make a whole bunch of changes, because its like - well, I got way better results but which of the 10 new things that I did cause this awesomeness? So That type of stuff takes a long time to work out different techniques.

    I've almost always started with a soil that is heavily amended, so I usually don't touch the nutrient bottles for 4-5 weeks from planting. Mediums like coco would be great for going start to finish, but like I think you have discovered, if you are feeding heavy and the plant is still looking at you like, bring it on, then go for it. Just try and give yourself extra time for flushing.


    • Canuck147
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      Thanks - flushing I do - plain water at the end - and then I really hold off on watering at the end - letting them get totally dry and feather light - waiting on the trichomes - and then if it really needs another drink I'll give her one.

    You gave me some advise early on in my grow and you mentioned you use full strengh nutes so I followed your lead and its worked well I did cut back on my last watering as I did get a little sign of nute burn but from my calculations shes not far off harvest but I will continue on my next grow the same. Thanks again.


    • Canuck147
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      Your welcome - thanks for telling - and once onegets the dosage the plants like...........

    I haven’t fed autos full strength nutes but your plants tell me I should. The one plant you keep defoliating looks like my GG auto only it’s outdoors. My indoor autos gave all turned out small


      Plants seem to take alot of nutes i just got a ppm meter awhile back and every grow i did it with out a ppm meter i never had over feeding or nute burn but with the Gh flora trio recommendations on the bottle my ppms / ec while following there guide put my water to like 2000+ppm and ec 3.0 plus lets just say i was wasting money as i halfed my dose got it close to 1300 ppms and it still is going normal. Fml was wasting nutes alot probably.


      • Shankemdirty
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        i got about 175 grams per plant but was probably wasting alot of nutes i am surprised my plants survived with such strong nutes in the water they always stayed green and healthy but glad i got the meter cause i cut it in half and don't see much of a change gonna start feeding with my own thought process and just watch the plants and feed them as they need it gonna save so much money on nutes now lol the bottles are gonna last way longer now

      • growell
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        Shankemdirty i use flora trio someone told me that ppm are relly high with it along as ph is right u ok i was useing ppm probe i just stopped useing it i used full strengh from when they had 3 nodes not much problems that every feed bit of a nightmare to work out when to use what that why thinking of changing to that beastie boy has anyone tried that

      • Shankemdirty
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        growell yeah I never ran into nutrients problems but I am flowering right now I cut it down to half strength my ppms are way lower and the plants are doing fine kinda hyped cause if I start using less my nutrients bottles are gonna last twice as long and save me alot of money

      Damn Canuck, those look pretty sweet. I've been running full strength notes on my autos since about week 4. They seem to like it. Though just like Driller I have to dial it back a little bit because I'm seeing a tiny bit of burn.
      5x5 Gorilla tent
      Spectrum King SK402 - 2× Optic XL1
      Infinity T8 exhaust fan
      Technaflora nutes
      Nectar of the Gods soil


        I might put that advice on a mental post-it note in case I decide to grow in coco start to finish. I can hardly go over half strength in deep water culture without burning them. The brand I use may have much to do with it.
        Third state-sanctioned grow. Six plants in bloom. Two each of Acapulco Gold & Laughing Buddha from Barney's Farm and two Purple Haze from ILGM.
        4'X4' flower tent, AC Infinity 4" fan and filter, Advanced Platinum P4-XML2 LED
        RDWC six grow buckets and a reservoir.

        One Seedsman Blueberry and one Sweet Zombie (Expert) in bloom.
        Advanced Platinum P-300 LED
        3'X3' tent RDWC four grow buckets and a reservoir.

        Aurora Soul nutrients - Grow, Bloom, Infinity, Big Swell & PeaK.

        On deck: Seedy buds - possibly Skunk #1, Ghost Train Haze, BC Mango, Tuna God, Bubba God, DP Blueberry, Cinderella 99 or Mother's Finest. I'm thinking a skunk in each tent - Skunk #1 & GTH?


          I use greenplanet aswell an go full per theyre soil schedule photo and auto no issues yet
          If you get confused....listen to the music play


          • Canuck147
            Canuck147 commented
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            And they're not expensive - at my hydroponics store - $15 a liter

          I've been thinking about my next grow and I saw a post by Obi-Wan that indicated he uses Dyna-Gro like I do and I think he's going full strength. 6 ml/gal every other watering. (~1x/wk). The Dyna-Gro Bloom is 3-12-6. I did about a quarter of that every watering. Gotta jack that up next time...

          Looking at your pictures, do you trim off lower leaves and small branches at some point? I've got tiny buds hanging off small branches at the bottom of the plant. I saw where you said you cut off the bottom branches at some point. When? Not sure I wanna do that since on my 3 auto plants, 2 outta 6 of the bottom branches have decent colas. But there's lotsa stupid little buds on small branches down there. Probably not many trichomes there, right? Thanks...
          3x3' space in back of closet
          VIPARSPECTRA LED V600 Grow Light. Actual = 260W. Veg+Bloom 24/0-->20/4
          Model V600 iPower 4" inline exhaust fan with carbon filter vented outside
          Soil is 8-4-4 natural organic 45-day slow release with peat moss, composted pine bark (bad), perlite, vermiculite (bad) and Mycorrhizae
          Vivosun 5 gallon grow bags

          Dyna-Gro Grow & Bloom
          1st Grow: 3x White Widow Auto (Fem)


          • Canuck147
            Canuck147 commented
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            I begin to snip leaves in the third week or as soon as they need to be gone with - develop the side branches this way and trim off little stuff on the bottom when i think it needs to be done. I cut and trim until about the second week of flowering then they don't grow back as well. It's an experience thing as in i've had a lot of experience watching them grow - so i know when to cut and when not to.

          nice colors in that plant mate


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