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Buds are not growing.

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  • vermature
    Anyone ? Can you see the pictures ? I don't want to lose the plant please help

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  • vermature
    started a topic Buds are not growing.

    Buds are not growing.

    Hello fellow growers. This is my first female plant grow and i think i have some
    serious problems with my plant. I will post some pictures of it but want to explain first.
    First of all my buds are not getting any bigger, thicker or getting fatter. They look same for at least a week now.
    They are too little and rare(sparse). I mean they have too much space between them and already have some amber colored trichromes.
    This wasn't an indoor grow but it was a 3-4 hours direct sunlight
    and 12-13 hours daylight grow. Now its 12-12 as its flowering. Also leaves are looking so pale and down. I dont want to lose my plant when
    i came this far.If there is any experienced grower here who can walk me through my problems and help me out. I will be more than happy.
    Thank you all !!

    And also this her 2 months ago for you to see her grow;
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