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    I had a vision

    When I decide a few years back to grow I did a fair amount of reading and decide I would build a room and set up a 3 foot by 6 foot grow. My first grow was a bag seed all alone in a 3 x 6 scrog was easiest trimming of underside I have done. For my second grow I bought seeds and had 2 plants in a tote and 3 totes to fill the scrog was the hardest trimming I've done anywhere on those plants. For 3rd grow I cut the scrog frame into 3 sections and made 3 - 2 x 3 frames. Last picture is of my 5th grow started with 6 clones found that unreasonable so it's 4 clones in corners of a tote trained and scroged for last 6 weeks and has been in flower for 1 week. This looks like the sea of green grow I planed for few years back. There's 54 squares and I have all but 6 filled.

    It's nice when a vision comes to fruition. Nice job.


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      I have never used a scrog net but I like your idea of making smaller sections. good idea. nice growing.
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    I have a 5x3 tent and every once in a while I’ll run a ScrOG and fill it with one plant which just looks cool!


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