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Trimming plant, not bud, help

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    SOIL Trimming plant, not bud, help

    I got two females going, I don't know their strand or anything like that they were bag seeds, and I have questions about trimming the plant.

    Preflowers started showing around September 10th, so only 10 days in flowering stage. I want to make sure the plant is putting all of its energy and resources into making healthy buds. So, I went in and trimmed out all the old yellowing leaves and am wondering if I need to go further. I've never trim the plant let alone gotten this far so I'm really Flying Blind here.

    I've attached to pictures to this post, one is a view of the entire plants and the other is a view of one of the main branches close up. On the close up picture you will see a red and a greenish Arrow. Red arrow is pointing to a big fan leaf and the greenish arrow is pointing to smaller leaves, not sure what they're called, growing between the main stalk and the stem from the fan leaves. Do I need to trim any of this off or should I just leave it alone?
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    Looks good now - leave it alone - blue arrow is pointing to where the buds form - don't cut.
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      ya don't trim off your bud sites. Did you spray something on your leaves? Looks like WPM all over.
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        The white stuff over the plants you're referring to is a organic insecticide called Spinosad. Plant had leaf miners and applied that to get rid of them, worked like a charm. What you're seeing is a dust that can be easily wiped off.

      I cannot see your pics, but I can tell you what I do. Mostly, I examine the plant from every angle. I then trim off only leaves that are preventing the light getting to the lower buds or inhibiting air circulation. That's pretty much it. I trim several times as the plant stretches to allow for this. I do not trim anything superfluous. If it is green and growing, I let it be.


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