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Nitro tox?

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    HELP! Nitro tox?

    The day after we trimmed this Dresden Green Diamond in prep to top, she got all wonky. We use the ocean soil, plain water, and our regular light setup which has been working for years with no issues. What’s this little lady’s problem? Thanks for your help!

    Looks like you over feed it, the fox farm soils are rich in organic materials that are designed to feed for 3-6 weeks if you add nutes in that time it's to much for em
    Grow for fun I don't smoke
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    Half of 5x6 walk-in closest
    2 x 600w blurples / SF2000
    5 gal. Fabric / happy frog
    Earth Dust all natural organic

    switched to flower

    5 x Jimmy's OG
    1.... Freddy Krueger


      Agreed. Back off the feeding. I use FFoF and don't have to feed for the 1st few weeks. Also feed at half-strength and adjust as they react.
      Space: 4 x 5 x 6, Two 600w HPS, Dirt farmer since Nov 2012.

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