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Should I be worried?

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    Should I be worried?

    Hi all,
    Had great success with first grow until recently. Now into 7th week of flowering Durban Poison indoors. Been feeding with low dosage of BioBizz biobloom with Ph adjusted to average 6.0 - 6.5 but have noticed that all is not well. Have recently introduced a dehumidifier into grow room bringing rh average from 70% to 45% over a week. This has been growing from seedling to today under LED and CFL lights.

    Realising that there is a problem I raised the lights and and have watered without nutes. Have looked hard but cannot find any pictures that exactly match the problem. I need help fellas - I really don't want it to go wrong now.

    These are outer leaves taken from the middle section. Pic of the bud is typical for the rest of the plant.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    What about the lower leaves ??

    to me it looks like phosphorus or potassium is on the lower side is why a ask about the lowest leaves.

    how much cal mag have you supplied ? Cal mag will give a lot of salt buil up in the soil.

    salt build up from nutrients will lower the soil PH pretty much.
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      Is that shit black? It looks black to me from here, if so it was bud rot on my plant. Mine is outside and had morning dew on her very heavy which I think caused it.


      • CaptainWiese91
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        Looks like it’s only the leaves to me ? Or am I really wrong ?
        It looks crazy though

      A couple of pics to compare with yours.


      • Rwise
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        The second pic to my eye looks black, the camera takes it different. And the spots are from a feeding gone wrong.

      I grew a Durban Poison last winter..Like the high, but harsh stuff, even with a 4 month cure.
      This pic was taken at 12 1/2 weeks from flipping to 12/12
      Got our first frost last night, colder tonight!

      Click image for larger version  Name:	fetch?id=399747&d=1591065305&type=medium.jpg Views:	0 Size:	56.6 KB ID:	450086
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        CaptainWiese, thanks man those pics are very useful. Is it possible to re-post them in a higher resolution?

        Rwise, it's my camera or computer. The edges of the leaves are actually brown but fortunately does not appear to be getting worse.

        GreenState, that's an impressive looking plant you have there. Very neat and all bud. Care to share any pruning tips or any tips. This is my first grow. I no longer live in the country but I grew up in Durban, smoking the local gief (Afrikaans for poison). I won't spoil your day by telling you how incredibly cheap the dagga was!


        • CaptainWiese91
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          sorry I only have these.
          But I can read them 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

          To me it looks like your plant wants something. Or a big lockout you have

        Could be a lockout issue but if you're in week 7 you should be able to ride it out with just water until she finishes. Good luck!
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