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Tiny little plant; is it worth keeping?

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    Tiny little plant; is it worth keeping?

    Hey everyone,
    I started this seed late August, and it surprised my by popping up 10 days later! It is an old, rando bag seed from a cousin.. I have had a few of these types of plants pop up from time to time, but they all died rather quickly and certainly none that ever stayed alive this long.. Nearly 3 weeks now.. Does anyone have any experience with this? Will this grow into a full size/regular plant? It looks like it is still healthy and sprouting a new set of leaves to me.. Just super tiny..

    I am trying like hell to baby this along until it can take off on its own, but.. should I?
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    I honestly wouldn't have guessed those were cannabis plants. Very different leaf formation, but there are definitely freaks out there. I just can't....

    The color looks decent, if growth is continuing, might as well keep them going. What kind of light do you have them under and how far away from the light are they? Maybe they just need a little more energy from the lights.


    • Lucky13
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      I started it under a viparspectra p1500 at about 30% power. I really dont like that light, so when I saw this wasnt going well, I moved it under my Phlizon 600W blurple. The phlizon is typically my go to light for vegging.

    Was thinking the same ChadWestport, doesnt really look like weed..but second pic..maybe. And Lucky13, I'd give it another week or so and see how it progresses. Lets see what the ugly duckling turns into....
    Shappel S3000 3.5x6x6' ice fishing hut
    2 Viperspectra 600 LED
    45W Root Farm grow/seedling light
    4 Vivosun oscillating fans
    6" Fusion Breath, Fan/Filter
    4" Vivosun fan/filter
    Canna Coco/perlite
    General Hydroponics Flora Series
    Lost Coast Plant Therapy(WPM, Thrips,Mites,Aphids etc)

    Current Grow
    2 Sex Bud photos-tent
    1 King Tut photo-tent
    1 Crystal Candy photo-tent
    3 Budmail bag seed fem photos(unknown strains)-tent
    2 outdoor photo purple ayahuasca (Barneys)
    1 Quarter pounder auto- outdoor
    1 GG#4 auto-outdoor



      Thanks, yeah I have definitely had some odd grows in the past!
      I was hoping to use this plant to breed with. One cousins bag seed with another cousins bag seed.. lol
      So, that was the one, heres a couple pics of the outdoor lab.. my cousin planted a bag seed in a pile of compost from last year and has simply fed it hose water.. wheres the face plant emoji?..(all my nutes, foliar sprays, expensive ass lights, equipment equipment equipment.. lol)
      Oh well haha I love my hobby!
      I pulled a few clones from compost monster plant some time ago so I could test/mother and control the breeding in my tent space at home. My back up plan is to use Phantom OG x c.m.p. and never tell either of them about this dinky little thing, but if it pulls through, then I will stunt Phantom OG under the shitty light I bought out of a tire shop 5 years ago in favor of my cousins actual bag seed!

      I will keep you posted lol
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