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    Need help again

    My leaves are turning a reddish brown color ...
    what does this mean

    Could be phosphorus deficiency here's a link about it with some pictures to compare with yours
    Grow for fun I don't smoke
    + byproduct keeps Old Lady happy she smokes

    Half of 5x6 walk-in closest
    2 x 600w blurples / SF2000
    5 gal. Fabric / happy frog
    Earth Dust all natural organic

    switched to flower

    5 x Jimmy's OG
    1.... Freddy Krueger


      Do you have a pic or two of the whole plant? What is the grow medium? Pot size? What nutrients (if any) are you using? How often do you water? I'm looking at the deep green and the nitrogen claw on some of the leaves.


        Thank you guys for the help. My bad for the late reply but it was definitely a phosphorus deficiency due to heat stress. I thought I could go one day without the ac because my bill was extra high and the next day I had that problem. But good thing I was close to defoliating. So I defoliate and gave it some ph balance water and everything was back to normal


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