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Grow tent getting too hot in closet

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    HELP! Grow tent getting too hot in closet

    SETUP:I have had continuous heat problems in this closet since I started back in May with my first grow. In that grow I used a 150w HPS light for the whole grow, and that light just got absurdly hot so I figured going LED for my 2nd grow may help some of that considering they have a built-in fan in addition to my fans and exhaust system.

    During lights off, it sits around upper 60's to lower 70's and when lights are on it will creep up to 80 or 81 and usually thats its highest (I keep my apartment at 70 all day with the fan set to on and I dont live in an extreme climate).

    Last grow temps got up to 85 and a couple times 90, which put the plants through a lot of heat stress which affected my yield and quality which bummed me out, but I'm excited to make corrections for this second grow and improve.

    Hopefully the photos provide a good description of what I'm working with setup wise. The intake is inside the tent attached to the carbon filter, which goes up and out the tube which I attached to the screen door I had to use as my closet door because It got waaaaay too hot with the original door. but I have to keep the cats out of the closet because they've already put holes in the tent.
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    80° isn't that hot they should be fine. Mine stays the same obviously some strains are more picky than others but 65-85° isn't bad 77 is supposed to be perfect

    edit... where are you taking the temp?
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      HPS without an air-cooled hood will be way too hot, as you discovered. The fans on LED cool the board itself by moving air over it, the problem is that hot air is moved from inside the light to the inside of your tent. If your lung room is a constant 70 degrees, you should be able to increase your airflow into the tent. The rate of air exchange should help level the temps.

      Are you venting your tent out into the lung room?

      If you have low humidity, you can add a small swamp cooler device that will give you about 5 degrees difference within a small tent.


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