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    Led light

    Hi guys Im looking to buy a new light. I was looking at the spiderfarm sf4000 and the mixjoy gl4000.
    ​​​​what would you choose? Mixjoy is cheaper.

    From what I could see on them they are exactly the same light, same diodes, same par, same warranty. Just check reviews and see how the service is if you have a problem. I’ve seen people post good things about sf, never looked at mixjoy before.


      I just picked up the Spider-Farmer 1000 and I'm enjoying it so far. It has more than enough power for a small veg tent, I have it set around 60% right now. I had a question after I bought it and they replied to me email within 24-48 hours, so that is nice. At the setting it is at now, it produces basically no heat. At 100% is does get hot, but nothing that can't easily be managed with a fan and exhaust.


        I ended up Buying
        Mars Hydro TS1000 123W
        my tent 3x3x6
        Running 4 Autos

        I was wonder if it’s ok to Run some CFL
        @Flower time ...led light 💡 might be to much with CFL?
        420Chicano ( Auto Flower Run ) before Xmas!
        Fox farm Ocean 🌊Forrest 3gallon Fabric pots
        2 Lemon Skunk Plants
        (Maybe AONL ) if Seed sprouts (waiting) 😊☝️
        CFL/Led lights set up...taking these girls pretty close to Couch Lock 🔐


        • gbauto
          gbauto commented
          Editing a comment
          A 3x3 really needs 300 watts of decent diodes for good flowering.
          You're pretty severely underlit for a 3x3.

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