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  • SoOrbudgal
    They may just need abit more water

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  • Booger789
    I put all my clones in Rockwool the moment they start showing roots out of the cube. I transplant into soil and start to feed lightly.

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  • dphipps1020
    I use Rapid Rooters but I would think it's the same concept. Try putting just a little water in the bottom of the cup if you want the roots to grow longer. When my roots hit the water they usually grow pretty rapidly. If the roots are showing already even a little bit, you can plant it. Just make sure to give your pot a good water the first time so those roots have plenty of moisture to reach for.

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  • growell
    Nothing it looks ok plant the hole thing in soil i use sumo start to soak my plugs i think clones take longer to root it looks healthy enough u should be misting though so they get through leaves as well hope this helps

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  • mrlovemaker
    started a topic HELP! Rockwool Clones

    Rockwool Clones

    I've had this rockwool clone a friend gave me, it seems healthy, but its roots are so small (barely showing out of cube). Left it in the grow tent, I've been dipping the cube in water once a day for 3-5 seconds, not misting the leaves. It's been about a week or so since I've received the clone. What am I doing wrong?

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