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Your pH pen - you recalibrated it recently, right?

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    HYDRO Your pH pen - you recalibrated it recently, right?

    Don't let your pen go too long like I did with mine. The damned thing was reading a whole point high and I was clueless why I was having problems until I questioned it this afternoon.
    Coconut Grove
    4x4 tent, Platinum LED P4-XML2, four Patio Pickers. Vegging Liberty Haze, Acapulco Gold, Lavender and Sweet Amnesia Haze.

    3x3 tent, Platinum P300 LED. Flowering two Tangies.

    Flower tent:
    4x4 tent, Platinum LED P4-XML2, four Patio Pickers. Vegging Super Lemon Haze, Durban Poison and two Tangie x Blueberry crosses.

    32"x32" tent with Feit white LED. Vegging four Mother's Finest.

    Coco/Perlite/worm castings/mycorrhizae living soil mix.
    Down-To-Earth dry amendments. Gnarly Barley added weekly. Eisenia fetida.

    On deck: Winter indicas.

    "pH pen? , I don't need no stinkin pH pen!" I use pH test strips, no calibration, no batteries, and automatic temperature compensation, all for about 1 1/2 cents per test.
    Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


    • 9fingerleafs
      9fingerleafs commented
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      I concur. Paper ph strips all day long every day

    • Farmbuck
      Farmbuck commented
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      Never again with a stupid PH pen...! I lost 4 Thai, 2 Jack Herer and one of my Nepal almost died !! The damn thing was totally off because of the calibration screw up, thank god I use my experience to rectify the problem. Now I'm back to the old PH meter liquid.

    • UndergroundFarmer
      UndergroundFarmer commented
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      I kept my old pH testing liquid just in case! I've had a cheap-ass pen that didn't last two years and gave whacked readings for the last month until it quit. I then shelled out for a better brand that also reads TDS and temperature and so far only my neglect caused any trouble with it.

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