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    Bud taste

    Been using GWE since 1st grow, I have issue with obtaining top shelf taste. I use ocean farm soil and fox farm nutes. I don't use a bud enhancer,I use black molasses for sweet. I always flush properly. Thoughts? Quality of buds isn't the issue, just taste!

    Taste is strain dependent. If that’s something you want to try and improve I’d grow the same strain and experiment with different methods and see which brings out the flavor profile the most. After that it’s all about improving it


      This is just from research not actual hands on. Are you curing long enough?


        i think you could focus entirely on drying more slowly, curing with higher rh and not trimming until a couple of weeks into the cure, believe me this makes a lot of difference because for a long cure you need to vent it often and repeat many days so as the leaves are decomposed moisture is released into the air accelerating the decomposition releasing more moisture. so dont trimm, dry slowler, jar with higher rh and burp twice as often, pretty soon youll be able to smell the progress and get a feel of how long you need to leave between burps, you want to smell the no oxygen funky bacterial smell for a little bit when you open the jar and you want it gone 60 seconds into venting. hope this makes sense, this is the tricky part about high quality.


        • 9fingerleafs
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          bboyfromwayback the cure is going to happen faster so you should burp twice as much, between each burp more moisture will be released into the air due to the leaves containing much more chlorophyll than the bud itself, so you gotta be careful not to let it mold, thats why to burp twice a day and start to space out burps as you see fit, you want some funky anaerobic smell because that means its curing but not too much that it molds, buds will turn slightly yellow over the next weeks and i trimm at least two weeks into curing, you guys give it a try just leave one jar untrimmed, be very vigilant and trimm as you smoke each bud, youll find out the best time to trimm according to each of your strains and environment. small rock hard dense buds like GSC are way easier to cure than speared shaped colas with lots of surface area, the gsc can be trimmed at anytime in my experience but for the critical i have its critical (pun intended) to leave as much leaves for as long as possible

        • golfnrl
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          @9fingerleafs...ya know, it hasn't made sense to me that I would dry with the R/H in the 50's F and then put in a 62 bovida pack in the jar or bag. I think I was concerned about mold. I can adjust the RH. I will def try your way to cure. I feel kinda silly. When I looked up gamma seals on google, I thought, duh! And, I have bought from U.S. Plastics before so that won't be a problem.

        • bboyfromwayback
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          Good info! Thank you

        Top shelf dispensary bud around here tastes and smells like perfume. Reminds me of being 13 and all the girls in school with too much smell pretty. The curing process is a lot of where flavors will come from along with strain choice.


        • crucialbunny
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          I mentioned this once in an older post that some dispensaries will load their product into a tumbler and spray it with assorted essences to achieve the desired fragrance. Commercial grows often don't take the time to cure product properly and to get that top shelf smell they resort to a bit of trickery.

        I assume you are a smoker, as opposed to vaping? I vape and I have noticed not much taste like burning it.
        A his own mind - , 48" X 60" X 80" 2-in-1 Grow Tent, Flower light: Vivaspectra P2500 LED. Veg light: Mars Hydro TS600 & Mars Hydro TS1000 LED lights. Nutrients: GH Flora Trio/Calmag coco/perlite, GH PH Down or pure lemon juice, in case PH down isn't available.


        • Smerft85
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          I'm old school, bong rips on flower and the occasional doobie. I'm not much for wax and shatter, pretty much the only ways I've seen vape done.

        • BR2K
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          Yeah, I vape flower. The taste is diminished, yet discernable. That's been true of my dispensary purchases as well as my own products.

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