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    Back with another post

    Hello ,
    I’m back after only being a member for a day or so. I guess the website had a little meltdown and I had to re register. No prob.

    Thank you to the guys who answers. My last post where I thought I needed a little help, but I just needed some patience so thanks for the advice I appreciate it .

    So here’s an update of my feminized White Widows

    The first 2 pics is where I thought I needed help
    the 3rd and 4th pics is my update of how well it’s going now
    Attached Files

    16 days since planted


      Patience is hard I this game lol. I have grown heaps of WW and I have found that they seem to do better when you let them really dry out between waterings. I let mine droop a little b4 waterings and they seem to love it.
      looks good enjoy the hobby
      3'x3'x6'6" Sun Stream tent
      1000w Tolys led (cheap Amazon light)
      ProMix w mycorrhizae Ferts: schultz 10-15-10 liquid plant food
      No name towerfan
      2x white widow 1x Bruce Banner clone


        It’s definitely hard to be patient, I also stopped smoking during this time just because I want to be able to feel the full effect of my grow.
        So I can’t wait till the fall when these girls are done
        I also let my plants my completely dry out and I only give it what I call sips of water. I only water the outer edge of the pot.

        I made my own cheap set up. It’s actually under my loft bed , taking up half the space

        its approximately the height is 4.5 ft 5.5 long and 3ft wide
        so it’s a weird space.
        I’m using Parafactworks 2000w led that’s pulls 250w from the wall. I also got it from amazon and it’s not that expensive I highly recommend it. It’s a great light
        And a small Ac unit that’s attached to the window with a few small fans blowing as well

        The only but big issue I’m having is that my apartment gets really hot during the summer and I live on the last floor where all the heat rises so controlling the temps is tricky. I have to stay on it and I’m worried about my electric bill running the ac all day lol.

        I love the advice and feedback as I am a new grower and I have to be very hush hush about it because of where. I appreciate it


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