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    Advice on DWC Grow


    I've had a few DWC grows that went fine and I am now planning a much bigger one, but I have two issues I was hoping to get advice on. I want to switch from MH/HPS to CMH. But I need about 18 lights and they aren't cheap. A lot of people have suggested the Hydrosuns but the cheapest ones I can find will still cost around $337 each while the basic, no features Vivosun I can get for about $100 and a phillips 3100 or 4200 bulb for $60-$80 which would be about half the cost of the Hydrosun. I've seen a view videos where they measured the par light and the two had basically no difference. Has anybody had any issues with Vivosun or is there any reason not to buy them other than they don't have the same brand power as Hydrosun or that they're made in China?

    Also, I've always used buckets before but due to the large number of plants I'd like to grow them in a larger, unified reservoir. I've found a few long containers that would work for surface area but a lot of them are about 12 - 14 inches deep. Will that be enough room for the roots on a 3 ft plant? And if not, about how deep of a container do I need?
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    I don't use HID on my grows but what I understand about them is that the bulb and ballast are the critical components for performance. If this is becoming a commercial venture, I'd buy the best quality I could afford-pay now or pay later. Hopefully, some HID growers will chime in on recommendations.
    I started my RDWC adventures with 5 gal buckets plumbed into a central rez and small returns...clog central
    Switched to totes 3 years ago(I use 17 gal HDX and a 6" net lid) in a UC style system with 2" connecting piping(no more root clogs) and bulkhead fittings.
    This system has been absolutely trouble-free and stone-ax simple.
    My neighbor uses the 11 gal HDX totes on her dwc system with great results.
    5x5 grow space
    900w of Vero's and F-strips
    4-17gal totes self-made UC system.


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