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Easy Hydrophonic Setup Tutorial By Indian Guy on YouTube- Can I Use It For Weed?

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    HYDRO Easy Hydrophonic Setup Tutorial By Indian Guy on YouTube- Can I Use It For Weed?

    This is the simplest way to explain Hydro I’ve ever seen. But the question is, can I put cannabis seedlings where he put the lettuce seeds? Also using coco coir. Would they ever get root bound like this? What changes would I have to make? How often would I change the water? (other than using different nutrients altogether and having a longer grow cycle).

    I’m eager to try it! I would be doing so indoors under an LED light, possibly with smaller buckets each containing a hole for one plant, with up to 2 plants, instead of having a bunch of seedlings in one bucket.

    You could start them out that way but I wouldn't recommend trying to go all the way to harvest with that method. I don't think they would be getting what they need to flower properly. I built a system somewhat similar to the one in this video and it works great.
    Only thing I left out were the sprayers because they clogged too easily. Instead I just drilled small holes in my PVC so they spray the net pots from 2-3 sides. Honestly I don't even pump air into my water, just add nutrients and let my girls drink the water until it's gone. Probably not the best way but my single girl in that setup is about 4x4x3.5' and has no complaints so far.
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      Recently there was a solo cup grow, a single seed and all the roots had to stay inside of the cup. You would not believe how great some of those grows were. So you can grow pot in anything.

      Here is a good setup to start out.

      In my signature are examples of a single plant in a single tote. They can get big when given the room.
      The grow guide I sent you the link to above has many examples of hydro, good luck with your grow.
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