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    HELP! When to harvest?

    I’m a newbie grower - advice needed whether this is (pics below) is ready to harvest. It’s a white label skunk #1 auto feminised, no idea of when it started flowering. It’s in a fabric pot, in a greenhouse in the UK
    It appears to have very few pistils, and I don’t have anyway of looking at the trichomes
    Any help, thoughts, suggestions would be welcome
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    Looks pretty ripe to me. The trichs look like they are a bit on the foggy side, at least from what I can see in your pics and the pistils are all dark so I'd say go for it. Just my 2 cents but if it were mine, I'd probably harvest it.
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    • Redtomato
      Redtomato commented
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      Thanks for the advice.
      Do you think it would come to any harm if I left it for another couple of days?
      For all sorts of reasons I don’t think I can harvest it immediately

    • ellz
      ellz commented
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      It shouldn't hurt anything if you let it go a little longer.

    It wont hurt to let grow another week or 2, looks like she had/has a root/PH issue.


    • Redtomato
      Redtomato commented
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      Fab - thanks. Sorry to keep asking questions, but could you explain ‘root/PH’ issue?

    • Rwise
      Rwise commented
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      You see the spots on the leaves? That is caused by the PH being off, hell I did this to mine when I added to much banana tea, it shocked the PH down for a day while the plant readjusted it. I use pelleted sulfur and dolomite to control PH, the plant will move around some of these elements and make the soil what she wants..

    Root issues

    Ph issues

    I suggest reading as much as you can from the main site if you dont know what root or ph issues means. If you dont know the basics then it can be hard to help someone who doesn't know what we are referring to. We all started without the knowledge but i can say that 90% of everything I've learned has been on the main site.


    • Redtomato
      Redtomato commented
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      It’s rather like when I research issues with my tomato plants - its useful if someone with more knowledge/experience can give an idea of what to look at - too much/too little potassium or nitrogen or calcium; overwatering, underwatering, flushing needed etc etc
      Thanks for the links

    • Tersky
      Tersky commented
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      Np. I understand wanting experience and can totally agree on that. However i have had several instances where i try to help someone and they dont know what i'm talking about. Im talking basics,nothing super complicated. I apologize if i sounded abrupt as that was not my intention. I merely wanted to draw attention to the main site that has the best info IMO that is written in a somewhat easy to understand format. Rather than search, find and regurgitate that info i thought i'd encourage you to read the articles. There is a ton of info that is helpful. And if you have questions about anything we can try and help answer, though we are still learning too!

    There's apps for your phone that make your phone camera a magnifier I use one called "cosy magnifier and microscope " it was free on Google store it's not perfect but it works
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    • Redtomato
      Redtomato commented
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      Thank you - that’s useful info

    • AccidentalGardener
      AccidentalGardener commented
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      I grabbed that app today to use in the interim before the loupe gets here. Pretty awesome, but my hands are not steady enough to even freeze a pic in magnification. Will need to get the (very) old cellphone tripod out :P

    • MeEasy
      MeEasy commented
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      That's why I said it wasn't perfect lol you have to take 5 pics to get 1 clear. Amazon has a clamp on little things like a bendable selfie stick that holds your phone think they were around 20 bucks I think it would work good. I just use it by hand I just have to take alot of pics

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