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    COCO COIR flush with molasses

    Hello and thanks in advance of advise. I have some questions about if it will mess with my milwakee ph meter to ph water after adding it to the water.
    and if so does it effect the ph of water so i can adjust for it accordingly, so i dont have to ph after really dont want to buy another probe. Last i do use it all the way up to i cut it down right? first grow. oh yeah almost forgot coco coir medium air pots bruce banner #3 8 weeks into flower using general organics nutrients. Side question on my phone when i go to log in sometimes it doesn't remember me and i can't find where to login on site and hate have to keep entering all that info everytime i sign in it makes me make another same accout lol. and someone has to teach me how to put all my gear info in a header on bottom so i dont have to repeat. Forgot about lights two 1100 solarsystem led lights with uvb supplemental.

    I'm curious as to why you would flush with molasses? I gave up trying to login here with other devices so I only use one of my laptops now that this site recognizes.


      its supposed to make buds smoother


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        As Mr.furley said, the molasses is for developing microbes and beneficial bacteria in your soil. From what I have read the plants themselves don't use it at all.That being said, I have talked to some growers who say that it adds a sweetness to their final product, but personally I've never been able to detect it. I use molasses once a week along with epsom, banana tea, and worm compost to keep my soil alive. I'm sure flushing with it can do no harm but I was just curious. I have been using a Sonkir Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in-1 Soil Tester because it is simple, easy to use and cheap to replace.

      Molasses is a source of carbohydrates to feed microbes in soil for resin production, it is widely used as a "sweetener" There are supersoil growers that use only molasses through their Grows.

      anything you add to your water is going to change the pH and will need to be adjusted after adding. Let the molasses dissolve for several minutes and Shake the container before checking, it shouldn't mess your probe up if you clean to after. You can use it till harvest.
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        My experience with molasses so far, is its turning my PH down from 7,4 to 5,3 in 30 hours or so.
        Made my bottle and checked it the next day in the evening. It was 5,3🤦🏼 So when I make molasses, as soon it’s settled in the bottle I water my plants with it, and no problems so far 👍🏻
        i only use it for the flowering period. From middle of flower to the end.


          thank yall so much i will let everyone know how it goes.


            IMO molasses in coco is a waste. Like crucialbunny said it is for feeding microbes in soil. Coco has no microbes unless you add them in.


              well here is my update my finished product came out great it is smooth with no harshness no hacking a lung anymore for me thank god lol. Sorry i can only judge it based off of dispenseary stuff which some of i couldn't almost smoke so harsh.
              ]Plus on the positive note my shit is so potent damn it's perfect just enough relaxation but only sativa effects mostly


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