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Can I use duct tape to make measurement markers inside my 5 gallon DWC bucket?

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    HYDRO Can I use duct tape to make measurement markers inside my 5 gallon DWC bucket?

    Can I use duct tape to make measurement markers inside my 5 gallon DWC bucket? Im worried having the adhesive sitting in my water is going to be a big no-no.

    I wouldn’t. Could you scratch In the marker instead?
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      i wouldnt put anything in your water that you dont want your plants to eat/drink. Why do you want measurement markers inside the pot? If it is for water level when pouring in nutes/water, use a gallon jug to measure out the water (4 jugs being 4 gallons ect) rather than compromise the the quality of the water.


        I used a dremel tool to etch level lines in my buckets works great.


          I use a wooden dowel for a dip stick. Marked for 1,2 and 3 gallons.
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            I use a sharpie to make water level marks on my reservoirs.


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              I use a Sharpie as well. The silver ones make a clear level line on a black tote. I do, usually just measure the drainage (a five gallon bucket with 0.5 gallon markings up the side) and measure the input to keep track of the plant's water consumption. The less that I open the top and let in light, the less problems with root rot!

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              Measure all of my totes with a Sharpie, same as DW2 I use a silver one for the dark totes. On a new tote, I just pour in 1 gal at a time and measure each. Also use it as a marker for my level sensor on auto top off. Once I have a Tote measured and marked I use painters tape from the bottom to the top and mark it with the lines I just made. Transfer it to a story stick and mark all the rest of my totes. Easy Peasy.

            Here is what I have incorporated starting with my second grow. It works as a sight glass and helps when changing or adding nutrients. I have a piece of hose and pump for using when doing changes and the funnel pictured for when I'm just adding a gallon. Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_2404.JPG
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              That transparent tubing can (and will) 'channel' (the same way light travels thru a fiber optic strand), by reflecting along the walls of the tubing and allowing light into the reservoir. This can cause algae and root rot to start growing in the reservoir.

            Thanks so much for the insight, everyone. Been struggling with my password to sign on since I posted this, but today I finally noticed it was my username, not password, that was holding me up. Thanks!!


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