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    HELP! LED Lighting

    Hello! I’ll start off by saying I’m a newbie grower. Got interested after finding a seed in my bag and decided to grow it! I finally purchased everything i need for my grow tent and I opted for a SpiderFarmer sf 2000 light in my 2x4 grow tent. I don’t have anything to measure the photon flux in my tent, i just didn’t think it was necessary as i’m just getting started. and I’m wondering what light setting is best for veg stage?? It may seem like a silly specific section but i don’t want to cause any light toxicity especially because I only have 1 plant in that space. there’s a dimming switch in the back and a dial that ranges from 1-100.... anyway again super new would love some help!

    I’d start the light at 50% and 24-30” from the top of your plant. Slowly work the light down to 18-20” over a few weeks, if you see signs of stress raise the light back up. Once they’ve spent about a week at 18”, raise the light back up to 24” and increase the power to 75%. Slowly work the light back down to 18” over a few weeks. At this point you should be ready to flip to flower. Ten the power up to 100% and start them at 24”, the plants will stretch to close the gap and you’ll want to try to maintain at least a 12” gap with your light.
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