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Burping timing w bovida

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    Burping timing w bovida

    Just finished placing in mason jars w bovida 62 8g in each.
    took a few days to finish . So a few have been curing a few days and starting to smell dank. I have to leave for a planned vacation this Saturday night,
    I was going to come back Monday by noon to burp them and drive back to the vacation which is supposed to end Friday.

    ugh it’s a lot I know, sorry.

    so my question is
    Can I burp Monday and then leave till Friday.
    or come back Wednesday and then Friday (2+hour drive each way to beach)
    Can I just move the seal “ top“ part a hair open on each?
    maybe put leave them in like a large 7gal Tupperware w the Tupperware top on and the tops of the quarts off?

    Do I need to skip the vacation? Don’t want to hurt a thing
    thanks!!! ☝️ ❤️ 💚 🙏

    Just replying to try and see if it bumps me back to top w question.. anybody? Buller, Buller, buller, Ferris buller....😎


      It really depends on where they’re at in the process, specifically what the relative humidity in the jar is after 24 hours. The Bovida’s are nice but they can only do so much. If your in the 64% ballpark I’d say your ok to leave them but anything more than 2-3% over the Bovida’s 62% without burping for more than a day is asking too much from the packs.

      I use Tupperware type bins for the period between drying and jarring at 62% humidity but it still requires daily humidity checks. It’s just easier to open a few bins rather than multiple jars.

      In my opinion your best bet is to put them in paper bags and roll the tops a few times. The paper will wick away the moisture without allowing them to dry out too fast.
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        Thank you so much obi! So that’s the other thing I was trying to dry them out while last few weeks flowering blasting ac and dehumidifier.
        same process o dry them at like 60f 50-55 rh
        now I have them all Jared as to specks w bovida. Burping few times day, a few I thought maybe had a hint of grass I left off a few hours. But Most Jared like 2-3 days ago smell really good and the more recent bendy tops I think are just behind.
        the rh in jars is at like 50-55% I have not gotten it to 60
        have Caliber 4 in about 10 to make sure Calibrations match

        so day and a half I’m back to burp if they all smelling good and humidity still under 60 I can leave them till fri?
        is thi
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          If you have two piece canning lids, flip the center over so the rubber seal is facing up, tighten slightly..but still loose enough that you can slide the lid around easily with your finger. This way its not a tight seal so no burping necessary, and your bovidas should keep it around 62. What is the rh in the room their stored in? i try and maintain 60% in my jars
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            Room w ac and dehumidifier. Trying jeep
            it 60/60 but seem to be averaging 50-55 rh.
            thus when I burp rh in 50s Open air.
            have a bunch of caliber 4 I’m the jars to make sure they check each other and w the bovida I seem to be at about 55 a few 60
            and a few larger jarred yesterday just clocked at 65 after being stored for 4 hours in the jar.
            love that hack w flipping the top seal💚😎
            . Love reading everything on here, 🌈 The More You Know.. 🌈


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              make sure your bovida packs are soft..if they feel dry their filled with salt..their no good. dried up.

            I have noticed if you use the boveda packs too soon in the curing process, it seems to take away some of the smell. I like the smell! so now i cure for two weeks, burping twice a day for the first week, then once a day for the second week, then I add the Boveda packs, and burp every other day. note, for the first two weeks, when i burp, I dump the buds out of the jar, and spread them out so none are touching, then put them back in the jars, opened for at least 15 mins.


              The need to burp is dictated by the amount of oxygen inside the container. You want aerobic bacteria to grow and consume oxygen, then when it runs out you want some of the anaerobic bacteria to grow and decompose chlorophyll but not too much. That’s why you let oxygen in. Killing the anaerobic and starting the process all over again. Bóveda packs regulate moisture but has nothing to do with oxygen and buds will rot eventually unattended.

              Now to the solution. If you get your buds in a big enough container the oxygen could last for a few days before running out. For example a 5gal bucket with a gamma seal only filled a few inches will hold enough air to last the entire week. This is all assuming you actually dried enough and the buds are just curing


                I went back Monday and everything Rh% wise seemed to be either under or on the money w bovida working back towards 62 - and a few of last jars I put together We’re clocking 65 fighting the opposite way to 62
                I left the lids off those like 45 min (burped the rest) before doing the Upside down lids again. They are 3/4 full wide mouths quart jars as per gwe specks.

                now I had read gwe said that the smell will increase w cure im
                hoping those bovida don’t take away any of that good stank
                thx for everyone’s input 🙏 1💚


                • homegrown
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                  they do smell pretty plain for the first couple of weeks..usually around week 3-4 after they'v cured your good smells are gonna settle in..wait for it..just gets better every week

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