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Amber jars, humidipacks, and mold?

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    Amber jars, humidipacks, and mold?

    I'm in the midst of my first harvest and had a couple questions about curing so that i dont run into any issues.

    First off the jars, I've read a few times now that the uv light breaks down thc which is why we store the jars in a dark place. While out picking up jars I noticed ball started producing amber colored jars specifically to block uv light. Has anyone tried these? Would they be the better option if somewhere nice and dark isnt much of an option for long term curing?

    Secondly I noticed the guide also mentioned using quart sized jars is best as mold likes to form in larger jars. My question here is, if I'm using humidipacks to keep the humidity at a consistent level am I going to still be at risk for mold if I were to use 2L jars instead of quart?

    And last but not least, since uv light is as much an enemy to mold as it is to thc, will using these amber jars of whatever size put me at increased risk for developing mold? Granted the answer to my second question will probably answer this as well but still better to ask than assume.

    Thanks yall.
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    I've been using clear quart-sized jars forever and if you cure your buds right, you don't need humidipacks. They're great for reviving over-dryed flower, but I wouldn't recommend them for general use, just dry and cure PATIENTLY and everything will be OK. As to your questions:
    1. The amber glass couldn't hurt.
    2. If you use pint-sized jars you are going to need a bunch of them. Quarts hold about an ounce each.
    3. See my initial comment - dry and cure properly and you won't have a mold problem.


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      oops got my jar sizes mixed up. thats what i get for posting before my first cup of coffee, meant 2L jars instead of the quarts.

      as for the humidipacks im in an absurdly dry climate most days my little hydrometer doesnt go low enough to measure the RH. i figured if id need them anywhere it would be here, as is i think i did manage to overdry my bud slightly in only 3 days. should i just set them aside after the RH holds in the cure range then?

    I would monitor the humidity in the jars, check these out: you can put them in the jars and get your cure down perfectly. If you live in such a dry climate, then the humidipacks might be right for you. As for the 2L jars, that's essentially 2 quarts so it will make no difference. You will probably be in the position to have to "burp" your jars often, but as long as you don't let them get too warm and don't let them stay damp (i.e. over about 63% RH) for too long, they'll cure fine. If you find that after they're cured to where you like them, and the flower is starting to dry out a bit, you can try a 62% humidipack and it should revive the moisture level.


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      thanks, id picked up a small monitor already but i like that one better so i think ill be putting in an order for a few soon.

    Like training curing is a controversial subject everyone thinks their way is best. I think mine works for me and I also live where the RH stays under 10% for most days. Hydro packs are greatest invention for curing along with the tiny hydrometer. You can get a dozen of the tiny hydrometer for cheap probably the link that flowerchild put on their post above and put one in a few of your jars to monitor your RH. I buy my jars from a supply co. but used Mason jars for years and 1qt is used because if you have to much in a jar even if it's bigger the weight packs the buds in the bottom and being packed will cause mold. Never fill your jars more than about 2/3 full.

    my technique is I dry my colas upside down after trimming any big stuff (leaves) off but not like they do at the corner store. I don't need mine to be pretty it's not for sale. 5-7 days depends on bud size at 65-75°F and 65-75% RH I use these conditions because I have an evaporative cooler and that's where I keep my house. Hang in a dark room with ceiling fan on. Take the buds off the sticks and jar em up with a 1.5g 63% hydro pack and a hydrometer in 1 out of 5 jars. For 14 days I burp them for 15 minutes twice a day unless the RH raises above 70% (dump jars on window screen for 12hrs then re-jar) after the 14 days burp them for another 14 days only once per day or can continue to burp once a week for 6 months.but they're ready after the 2nd 14 days... to share or vac pac and freeze just remember anytime a bud is frozen the trichomes are very brittle and will fall off easily so handle with care
    like I said curing is a personal preference I've changed my ways 50 times in the past 30 years from paper bags to styrofoam ice chests and all of them work. Oh and the amber jars sound like a good idea for weed and moonshine
    I hope I helped and didn't confuse you even more...... good luck
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