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HELP Plants like corn stalks

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    HELP Plants like corn stalks

    I'm a novice and Click image for larger version

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ID:	425325 This is my third grow. Have always used FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil. Have never used nutrients. First grow was so so. On second grow I used FF soil over again & got better plants than now. Third grow seeds were white widow, green crack, & northern lights, all female. This third grow some plants look like corn stalks (used NEW FF soil!!). Have two 4x4 tents w/ four plants in one tent and three in other & using Vispectrum 600w lights in each. Plants in 5 gal buckets off floor w/fan in tents. This third grow is in second week of flowering (12/12 light). Plants shot up past lights during veg stage. They look puny; should I use nutrients; I have the FFarm trio. Didn't know if it was too late to add nutes. Would it help now? Don't understand why these are so much smaller than the other two grows though fewer plants in each tent. HELP!!!!

    Ok I am going to ask you this : in the tent During the start germinate, veg , How far away was your grow lights from plants during VEG? To me they look like they were reaching for light when they were young.
    There are optimal height ranges at different growth cycles I have learned growing in tents ⛺️ Also LST and Topping gets you more Bud sites and keeps plants squat

    but your plant is growing like a Marijuana Plant it Adapts To survive sun/light is Comida!! Por Mota
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      Are you sure you didn’t pop 3 Green Cracks? They all look like Sativas to me. Lookin healthy though, kudos to keep them looking so good without nutes other than what’s in the soil.


        Me I'd take clones and start over. (closer to the light)


          Thanks for the info. The plants were started way below the light just like the 2nd grow. They had plenty of room to grow in the tent. What is LST? I know what 'topping' means but not sure how to do it. When do you top? Do I take off the big leaves now or is it too late? "Should I put nutes on them now?" Thanks!!


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            Read up on the GWE tutorials we like to help guide you

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            Yeah, there are some great guides to topping, and lst training on the site. Just started doing both to create a couple mother plants and the guides lead me through it piece of cake

          Hi BluZu...sounds like you could benefit from some reading. Check out the GWE web site home page and click the link titled Start Here.
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            Thanks, golfnrl. I did use the GWE site to get all of this started. I use only spring water to water them. They looked great when I germinated and then transferred from small pot to the 5 gal buckets. But I'm a real novice on topping plants and getting them to bush out more vs grow straight up. I don't have a water system. I water every morning. Lights are on 12/12 timer. Can you tell me if I can add nutes (FoxFarm trio) now or is it too late since I've started the flowering stage. Thanks!!


              Fox farm soil ocean forest or happy frog Usually runs out of its starter Nutes like 30 to 35 days later... they make a product called Big Bloom NPK really small on the number scale it’s all natural no synthetic it’s mainly worm castings bat guano sea kelp the good stuff ....I used to use it as a buffer when ever I started to flower while putting in fertilizers never want to use frets alone ....and remember a little is allot when it comes to feeding plants 🌱 and always PH your water
              black jack clone Fim Dark Heart Nursery Fox 🦊 farm soil
              Vanilla Frosting Natural Grow Dark Heart Nursery Fox 🦊 farm soil
              Wedding Cake fim Dark Heart Nursery Fox 🦊 farm soil
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                This how I am watering my outdoor potted crop :
                Weather Hot 🥵
                Potts 10 Gallon
                18 days into flower
                3 day cycle
                Two 4foot plants
                Water big bloom one tablespoon 2 Gal of water, one tablespoon un sulfured Molasses , teaspoonful of tiger bloom (strong)
                Water PH only
                Water Big Bloom one tablespoon 2 Gal of water one
                Repeat every other day or every day like I am because it’s Been Hot 🥵 here in the 100’s

              Thanks, 420chicano, so much for the info. Sometimes it's hard for me to understand the 'lingo' being used here. I have the 'trio' from Foxfarm. Didn't realize about the nutes runnng out; I'm a real NOVICE here. From what I gathered, I can put on nutes during flowering stage, is that right???? I'm on day 8 of flowering in grow tents inside. From what you've posted above, and I want to be sure I understand, you're using the Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom w/molasses in 2 gal of water and watering with this every day if it's hot. Though I'm using indoor tents, it does get quite hot in them (heat index of 105 here today). But my plants are in 5 gal pots vs 10 gal so does that make a difference in how much???? Again, appreciate your info!!!


                You don't water everyday only when they dry out basics of growing.
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                Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
                indoor/outdoor grower
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                1 3x3x6 tent- seedlings veg t-5, CFL 54watt w/reflector- viparspectar 450 veg. light only


                  True only when dry I should have stated this ..,

                  learn to lift your plants Daily .. this is how I read my pots when They need to be will get used to how they feel when they are wet or dry .,I can tell by liftOmg my pots if she can go another day with out water 💦

                  I am only watering everyday because it is hot outside And they have been dry the next morning most people water every other day... It depends on what strain and how much she of drinks

                  start with one gallon per plant. Water slow you won’t need all one gallon always water till small run off.

                  organic nutes ok small amounts every water (small)
                  ferts only every other water or two less is more ( strong)
                  I toss in un sulfur Molasses every other water
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                  black jack clone Fim Dark Heart Nursery Fox 🦊 farm soil
                  Vanilla Frosting Natural Grow Dark Heart Nursery Fox 🦊 farm soil
                  Wedding Cake fim Dark Heart Nursery Fox 🦊 farm soil
                  OutDoor Grow Summer 2020


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