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Autumn has arrived and she looks so pretty

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    SOIL Autumn has arrived and she looks so pretty

    Hi GWE community, my Northern Lights Auto is in her 8th week of flowering and autumn has arrived in the tent. This is my second NLA grow, the first was compromised by me trying to boost Tricome production by reducing the humidity below 40%. She kind of just stopped doing anything and produced a lot of larfy bud that was not that potent. This time around I have kept the humidity between 40 and 50% and the results are much better. The colas are long and getting fatter every day. When I opened the tent this morning Autumn had arrived and she looks so pretty I had to share her with you guys and girls. I did some LST early on and tied her down so she grew across the pot. Later I pinched out the growing tip and I'm very happy with the result. She is low. flat and wide with 8 good sized colas. I'm going to get in there later and give her a haircut. Tricomes are still mostly clear but some cloudiness is beginning to show. I'm thinking another two weeks before harvest
    Thanks to everyone on here who have helped me through my tribulations

    She's pretty 😋 I think she'll double if not triple before she's done

    TENT 1 4x4 SF7000
    s silver haze... strawberry haze...
    .. gg4 and cheese berry auto thrown from the auto hut
    TENT 2 2X4 SF2000
    2x Thundersuck... og Jimmy... flo.... blue cheese
    TENT 3 2X4 SF2000 + 2 113w blurples
    3 gallon pots all autos
    Weddingcake..2 red Gorilla girl..2 cinderella jack

    All growing in living soil using Earth Dust
    👇my one n only journal👇


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