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    HELP! Newbie

    Brand new to growing. Nice and hot here in Ontario. I have pruned the bottom layer of leafs. Any other tips? I notice it’s growing tall.. not out. I did top the tip lol. Not even sure if u did it right?!

    Vertical growth should slow down dramatically if you too correctly.
    Ask questions, take notes, and check your pH regularly. 😌

    2 x 2 x 4 Tent
    300W full-spectrum light , 18 in. from canopy

    MiracleGro soil (0.21 - 0.18 - 0.14)
    Expert Gardener Plant Food (24-8-16)
    Humboldts Secret Calmag & Iron (2-0-0)
    FlowerFuel (0-34-32)


      Plant looks healthy but it could probably benefit from a little bowing to get it to fill out. If you tie some gardener's tape or anything for that matter that won't dig into the plant to the top and give it some overall bend and hold it with a stake the plant will begin to grow up from the center and fill in dramatically creating many more colas. If you do this try to make sure that as the sun moves across the sky it hits your plant from the side all day. Nice plant!


        Lots of options to get it to bush out, but not sure if you need to if it's going to be an outdoor plant unless plant height is an issue, or you're going to take it indoors come fall if it's not done in time. has more info, or Google "cannabis plant training" for buttloads more.


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