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Saving a leaf........

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    Saving a leaf........

    We all grown that one excellent looking,picture perfect,GOD I wish i can do it again,plant. I did it with a FastBud Californian Snow!!! Got my first 9 point leaf ever and i want to save it(framed or???). How do I do that?? Any suggestions ?

    9 points? You mean me? 😜 I’ve tried a book but they turn brown


      w'll hell. I use a bible just fine. Finally found a use for it. The pot leaves stay green but get crispy. I lick the backs of the leaves at the tips and stick them to surfaces like plates or glass. Gotta have some sticky spit to make it work.

      Don't worry 9fingerleafs . I won't press you or lick the back of your tips.
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        hahaha so licking and sticking, i call that move the mail man

      No idea if this works with weed..but when i was a kid we used to find leaves and my mum would put them between two sheets of wax paper and iron them...yes , with an iron.(the wax sealed the leaf) If i remember correctly they stayed the same for years.
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        We did lots of flower and leaf pressing when we were kids.
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          Thanks everyone..................Wife said the same thing with wax paper.......give it a try


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            Did you clone her?

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