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Is this plant growing too slowly?

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    HELP! Is this plant growing too slowly?

    Hi All: Complete newbie here, so please forgive if answer seems obvious...I germinated a single seed (Barney's Farm Sweet Tooth Fem Auto) and planted in small Jiffy pot. Plant is now 3 weeks old from germ date...I have been putting outside in full sun for about 2 weeks, misting heavily and letting pot get dry before misting again. I plan on transplanting when there are a couple more sets of leaves, but it seems like this plant is not growing much. Soil is Fox Farm Light Warrior. Height of stem (from soil to bottom of lower leaves) = 2" Is this too small? Should it be bigger?

    Yes it's to small, yes it should be bigger. You need to pot up. The hours of sun ain't getting it,you need 24 hrs. of good light.


    • crucialbunny
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      I have to agree with Primo that it should be thriving more than it is. If you don't want to go with the indoor lighting I would suggest a larger pot with plenty of drainage and a very loose rich soil that will drain itself well and then give it a good drenching of water. Then leave it alone in the sun for a few days. during this stage your plant will tell you when it's thirsty with a slight droop. Drench it again so you have water coming out the bottom. This should encourage a better root system to feed green growth. Often times plants that aren't getting enough oxygen to their roots will languish because their root system isn't thriving. Auto flowers outdoors will sometimes adjust themselves dependent on their genetics. Good luck

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      Thanks, crucialbunny, for the thoughtful/fulsome comment. Will try as you suggest...plan to use Fox Farm Coco Loco for the medium in a fabric airpot.

    Hi PRIMO: Thanks for reply; this is for an outdoor grow - are you saying use artificial light for 24 hrs.? If so, for how long prior to going outdoors? Thanks!


      Give it all the light/sun you can - it needs more

      Autoflowers usually start shooting up pistils around 4 weeks - so in my opinion - your plant is not going to amount to much - sorry.
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