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??? Need a Nectar expert in Curative flush ???

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    ??? Need a Nectar expert in Curative flush ???

    My medium (coco) is running 5.87pH and 200ppm (late/extended veg).

    I need to bring that pH up. So I bought a gallon of Herculean Harvest to do the infamous "Herc flush", but there is surprisingly little information on how to actually do it or the aftercare of the plants. I was also considering just raising the pH of my normal feedings for a few days. They are showing mag and cal deficiencies (tiger striped with small brown spots near the outer leaf on the top leaves. I foliar sprayed epsom salt once already.

    So; 2 Ounces of Herculean to 1 gallon and then Olympus up to 6.8pH. That I get. But how much do I saturate the soil? 20-30% run off? How many times should I flush it in a row?

    I seen some people said to add Gaia Mania...? How much and why?

    When would I resume normal feedings? Can I then add Demeters Destiny to up my cal and fight that deficiency? Or just wait and see if unlocking the soil corrects the current issues?

    This line has me in over my head for my first grow. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

    I'm not sure i understand, are you trying to flush to fix an issue or are you just trying to correct ph issue. If the latter, just up the ph of your next feed/water to like 6.5 If the former, just flush with ph'd water. I dont use flushing agents personally. If you are flushing to fix a nute lock issue wait until it dries and the pot is light to resume normal feedings.


      They're 8 weeks from clone and just got their first dose of nutes. Had straight distilled between 5.9-6.2. The coco loco kept them happy but the low feedings dropped the soil pH and is causing nutrient lockout. They say with Nectar for the Gods I need to be running 6.2-6.8 soil pH. So I need to bring it up to range to utilize the calcium based nutrients. There's a lot of info online but I found nothing comprehensive at all.

      So my next move was a small feed (½gal) with 6.3 spartan regimen, and the next day or two give another ½gal at 6.5, and so on up to 6.8. If that doesn't work, a flush will definitely be in order but I need to raise the pH considerably in the process. I know how they say to do but I was just hoping for a more step-by-step understanding.


        6.2-6.8 is typical for soil, but coco should be treated like hydro 5.5-6.5.
        With hydro you really need to fluctuate from 5.5 through 6.5 so that you avoid lock out.
        If 5.8 has been holding steady, try a higher ph and eventually switch back to low. Keeps plants happy.
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