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What's causing light coloration in new growth?

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    What's causing light coloration in new growth?

    These girls have been showing discoloration on the tops of the newest growth. It starts from the inside/center of the leaf and works its way out. A couple plants are larger and seem much less affected. The very tips of some of the larger leaves are drooping just a little bit too, but I'm not sure that's related.

    A few weeks ago I introduced calmag to deal with deficiency and upped the potassium, the only this I can think is that potassium is too high now, maybe locking out Fe, or cal/mag. Any thoughts?

    Plants are in early bloom, week 2.

    are you giving them nitrogen?


      No extra Nitrogen. The first week that I switched to bloom nutrients, I supplemented with a just little bit of nitrogen. That was like two weeks ago. I thought the could have caused the tip drooping, which is why I thought it might be unrelated to this. But no nitrogen supplement since then.


      • stump
        stump commented
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        nitrogen should continue at the minimum thru the stretch. your plants need a shot of it in my opinion.

      What is the PH levels ?
      it could be Fe - iron like you mentioned. But normally it’s because the PH is on lock out and can’t absorb the nutrient.


        Right around 6.0, i adjust it daily. I could try to flush them before next feeding, that could help with lockout


        • CaptainWiese91
          CaptainWiese91 commented
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          It Will not hurt to make a flush.
          When you feed and water her are you making run off water? Or do you keep the water feeding/ nute feed in the pot ?
          When you make the flush - you wash all nutrients away also, so you need to adjust this again after the flush.
          When watering/ nute feeding with run off, you do remove most of the salt build up - and are lucky enough with this so you don’t need a flush during the grow

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