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    Here is the deal... the sun transfers heat through radiation. That comes in the form of light that hits your roof shingles. The roof shingles transfer heat into your attic by conduction. the vents in the attic space create fluid air movement that removes the heat through the process of convection. The more air you move, the greater the heat transfer process capabilities are. The cooler the incoming air is, the greater the capabilities for removing heat.
    Adding fans will not be enough to overcome the conduction of heat from the sun into your space alone. If you add some r60 insulation to cover the Attic ceiling, that will help slow the heat transfer from direct sunlight. In this case, you may be able to move enough air to create an optimal environment.
    with that being said, another factor to consider is humidity. If the ambient air is very humid, that may slow the heat transfer process capabilities of convection. Lastly, bringing in high humidity into an attic space can cause other issues, like mold and rotten insulation. So there is a perfect balance one must accomplish in order to be successful at this. Ambient conditions will be the biggest variable one must consider when making these adjustments.
    hope this helps.
    4x4 600w HID empty for summer
    3x3 400w HID with Bruce Banner and Skywalker Kush
    2x2 65w Quantum Board LED with 4 mother strains
    running all simultaneously for a perpetual harvests.


    eard definitely different smokes. At 4 grams a day I wouldn't be able to function. An oz will last me 3 months or more but gotta have it. Dont smoke till the kids are in bed! So a couple of plants will last me a year easily.


      Thanks for the other ideas, but my hands are fairly tied regarding mods to the attic, and there is no vents there except around the eaves. Its pull air in from the eaves or just from the attic. It either works out or it doesnt. Humidity is a big danger where I live too, over 80 most of the time and can get many days up in the nineties.
      I presume putting a dehumidifier in a tent is pointless if your replacing the air volume every minute with the extract fan?
      Could be just at the mercy of the weather I guess.


        Have you seen the mini grow room tutorial in the main site? 5gal buckets, CFL light bulbs & 2 small fans = 1oz of bud. I reckon you could run that grow anywhere.


          Originally posted by JDU View Post
          Have you seen the mini grow room tutorial in the main site? 5gal buckets, CFL light bulbs & 2 small fans = 1oz of bud. I reckon you could run that grow anywhere.
          I didn't see that no. Have all the kit already at this stage. Got 2 450w viparspectra. I know they dont have enough red from what I read but at the same time they get great reviews as a budget led. Will have a read nonetheless thanks.


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            I haven't thought of that in months but I think it'll suit ya just fine. Then you can run in the tent when the weather is more co-operative.

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