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GG and TK91 grow

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    GG and TK91 grow

    I started germinating a few seeds this evening, 3x GG and 3x TK91. Also have been having a little leaf damage in my 4x4 tent. Finally found some pests after about 2 years of growing with no issues. Ordered some concentrated spray that you're supposed to be able to water the soil with or use as a foliar spray. These thrips won't be around much longer if I have anything to say about it. Anyway, I'm excited to start another grow. Figure I have maybe a month before I will switch the Blueberry Headband to 12/12 and empty a 4x4. I figure if I can start 6 plants each time, I can harvest roughly once every 2 months. Going to try to keep my grows on separate posts now.
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    Atleast you've found the problem an your on it. Let me know how the spray works for you, sounds like you got a good diary going there 😉


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      Will do. It's on the GWE site as a recommendation so I hope it works. It can supposedly be added in when you water your plants and it kills them when they eat the leaves but it's supposed to be safe for the microbes in the soil. I guess we'll see. It's a shame cause my leaves have been looking good up until this.

    When I got ny nutrients there was a spray that you spray underneath the leaves prob no different along as it works and without harming them


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