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    HELP! Leafs pointing up

    Hi this is my 1st grow and I'm in the 3rd week of flower, the leaves seem to be pointing upwards towards the lights. Is this normal ?they all look healthy tho and haven't had any issues so far.there grown in soil and strain is wedding cake.

    They will usually reach up a little when the lights are on. That looks pretty close to normal to me. If your lights are too far away or too close, either one could cause them to point up more than normal. You can try lowering your lights first and if that makes it worse, just raise it little by little until you find the sweet spot. Hope that helps. Looks like you got a good grow going so far, just gets better from here.


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      Thanks for your reply, and thank you I think I'm doing pretty ok, they seem really healthy and I've just done a little digging about the sweet spot I dont know if it is that or if there a little too high I may just see how they get on over the next couple of days, what do you think ?it's hard to see in the pics really. I dont know of any other growers so it's a first time grow on my own. But hey girl power an all that haha

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      For sure. Honestly I probably wouldn't worry too much unless it gets worse. Lot of good veteran growers here that will give plenty of good advice. Best thing to keep in mind is the more details you provide, the more accurate we can help diagnose the problem. And pictures, lots of pictures in natural light if possible cause well, we like our weed porn around here. I didn't really know any growers either when I started and I wish I had found this forum sooner. Oh well, better late than never right. Welcome to the forum, hope you take full advantage of it and get yourself some nice fat buds come harvest time. It's good to see ladies growing, there's a few of you on here but not many I see regularly.

    I've been researching as much as I can an the stumbled across this forum which is great! It's nice to see people sharing an caring, I didnt think I would get as deep into it like I have, it's really interesting and scary at the same time lol. Il keep an eye on them an may raise the lights a little bit more. I made a mistake and haven't added the pk yet so that's going in on the next feed hopefully they will be ok as I've already added the boost.


      If the lights are too close and producing too much heat the leaves will point up but they’ll also kinda fold in like the shape of a taco. Your plants are reaching up like they’re happy in the sun. That’s what you want.
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        Thanks bboy, going to leave them where they are, now I know what it means I'm hoping this is there sweet spot 😁.


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