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  • Farmall
    This entire process only came about by looking for a sleep remedy and has been likely underway for the last six or seven months. Initially, it started out with a commercial purchase of the highest dosages of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil. Then OJAI Energetics and a few others. TASTE is a key component especially if you leave it under your tongue. Having no previous experience with the performance of this compound we could only assume it had certain value against a known entity like pharmaceutical sleep medications. Hoping the value was greater but ...hard to answer that

    Cost of the commercially prepared oil is quite high and typically not sustainable for my sister’s needs. So after much reading and finding CBD flower is absolutely acceptable in all of the US, I sent for 1lb of CBD flower from Black along with some kief. This all needs decarb so here is one way… the other using the Ardent Nova which I have and works so much easier and zero odors. ZERO. I also purchased an 8 oz bag of Franklin CBD from a farm in Tennessee…Name withheld unless the owner wants to chime in. All of the CDB I used was between 12 and 17%.

    Decarb: Use your own favorite technique..REMEMBER CBD is a little different from THC

    There is a loss of CBD from heat of decarb. I have read that this occurs at a predictable rate so you can figure out how much CBD is left in the flower. Total CBD = CBD + (CBDa * .877)

    I took this material and rolled it out to break it up finer pieces near the same as Fox Farm soil (fine)… stuffed it into “00” gelatin capsules and they weighed about . 3 grams so 2-3 an hour before bed was the trial

    Next was to use a carrier oil like olive or MCT oils

    Break up 1/4 oz hemp into small bits
    1 decarb via your preferred method
    2. Add 1 Tbsp Grain Alcohol, mix and let rest about 1/2 hour
    3. Add about 2 oz MCT oil to hemp flower
    4. Run the Ardent Nova thru 1 cycle using the silicone infusion sleeve
    5. Let cool
    6. Strain through cheese cloth and fill the “00” capsules again..use a small irrigator syringe to make a messy job less messy. Also did a few batches without the Everclear and use the MCT oil in a dropper bottle using two half droppers per dose. There are a ton of CBD/THC dosage calculators online to obtain your strengths in dosing.

    NEXT TRIP : using coconut oil in caps. This was about equally effective as the MCT oil but MCT has a slight nutty taste and when made to use it as oil only, can be held under the tongue without the intense face-making like tincture

    PROCESS: 7 g of decarbed hemp flower ¼ cup of coconut oil then 3 hours in crockpot on low… Strain with cheesecloth Fill the caps before it solidifies again. Ardent Nova again has a silicone infusion sleeve if you like making it really convenient

    Concentrates: I think these might be the best …
    Like any QWET an alcohol wash… I first decarbed 2 oz of hemp flower …placed it into a mason jar and into the freezer for a few days along with a separate bottle of Everclear 190. Once I was sure they were significantly frozen, I filled the mason jar with Everclear to cover the flower. SHOOK the hell out of the bottle several times over the course of a few hours but kept it all in the freezer for a few more days to just soak anything out of the plant. Its going into capsules so I have no vision of a golden crystal shatter. After this time, it goes into the “Source Turbo” ( Thank you alltatup ) to concentrate the mixture from its’ 300 ml down to about 30ml or so of “oil”. This process takes around 2 hours and also recovers the Everclear 190 to use again and again. I had made 3 batches for a total of 900 ml down to near 90 ml of concentrate. After a few days of airing out in the open I used a magnetic heated stirrer to blend the concentrate with MCT oil and filled the capsules..”00” size..since you get like 1000 to a bag, gotta use ‘em.
    Given that these were most likely the highest concentration of CBD compounds they would be believed to work the best and they seem to

    If you have any greater interest in this process….say so. SiriusFourside and NebulaHaze did a near 3-hour post processing video in our class last year LIVE and it REALLY stirred my interest in POST processes which can only serve to intensify the experiences and create a greater understanding of the relationship between us and the plants.

    There are several short cuts and minimalization of small details in my post but they are easy. This is a general review of how and why. Technology is evolving rapidly

    For me, I think there is some big values for doing this yourself unless you can and do prefer commercial stuff. You can use it as oil, caps, oil caps, smoke however…. I have made several “Pain” slaves that work well for me. These are not one time use things as the pains re-occur so application of a salve is quite regular. BUT, I have noticed reasonable damage to mt fingers from decades of fingerstyle guitar playing and fortunately, I am not too hindered by the aging development using these oils and salves. My sister sleeps better…not like Ambien..but better

    LEVO II …. SOURCE TURBO … ARDENT NOVA … MAGICAL BUTTER MACHINE Look them up to understand the way these things contribute to post processing
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  • Farmall
    commented on 's reply
    Will do....I will write up a few plans I have followed during the day and post it later.... 👍

  • Cali
    Farmall yes post it all here. May help others. I would like something like what swegrow is looking for. Thanks.

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  • Farmall
    swegrow I am STILL working on and gathering different methods for my sister who can’t smoke weed. I have not had super successful gains but I have made several compounds of CBD oils, extracts and concentrates. I will prepare a list of what we’ve tried and pm you if you’d like. Or, I can just post it all here...

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  • quirk
    My go to for CBD info is Project

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  • swegrow
    started a topic CBD Buds for pain

    CBD Buds for pain

    Ok guys. CBD buds (with less than 0.2% thc) are legal here. You can get them from several sites and they all are around 10% cbd.

    Im a powerlifter. Had some success but after worlds last year my back was toast. Im in constant pain. Been for several years. On some OTC painmeds together with black market opioids when its really bad.
    I also work construction, lots of manual labour and the pain is getting to me some days. So I was wondering.. Anyone tried the CBD smoke for pain? Seems like a so much better alternative than the toxic pills and I need something that dont make me baked during work since that could be a hazard to people. Operating alot of heavy machines etc.

    Any thought on this?

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