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    Water retention

    Hi guys im a new guy here! So thanks if you message back. I am looking for some advice. I have 7 little beauties. My question today is about water retention. I have them in a coco coir/peat moss mix. They seem to be doing really good. (Dark green, good healthy stock, no holes in the leaves, fast growing.) But since I switched them over to this soil a week ago i haven't had to water 1 time. I stick my finger in the dirt 2 inches and i can still feel moisture. Is this normal?

    I go by weight, pick them up if they are heavy dont water, if they are lite water.
    I like cloth pots such as "smart pots", you can drill a bunch of small holes in plastic so the soil and roots can breath.
    Perlite helps with drainage, about 30% added to the soil/medium.
    Welcome to GWE


    • gbauto
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      This is the best way to see if they do need to be watered.

    Rwise thank you so much. I have growed for years outdoors but this is my first time indoor with a 400w Mars hydro led


    • JDU
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      Gotta love the Mars Hydro!!
      But I second Rwise 's perlite comment. Drainage & aeration are vital.

    So hey guys I have an update for you all. Its been almost a month since i have checked in and these are my babies now!! I got them in ff ocean forest soil with a few additives. Still under the marshydro 600w, feeding a really light dose of ff nutrients now and these babies are loving it!!


    • JDU
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      How old is that Mars Hydro??

    I had another question since this is my first time with the indoor attempt!!
    When should I switch them over to 12/12?????
    I am not looking for a major harvest this time..This run is just practice. That I am taking very serious of course!!!!


    • ellz
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      I put mine into flower 34 days after planting on my last grow. If you don't want a huge harvest, you could start flowering any time if you've been growing them over a month. Just my opinion. If you don't plan on swapping them in to larger pots, I'd probably start flowering pretty soon.

    How big is your grow space? Do they have room to spread out and up? I see your training one..let those center colas catch up to the larger outside colas, that'll give you a nice even canopy before you flip. If you have the space i'd wait a week..or two. Plants look good Senters!
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    4" Vivosun fan/filter
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      Thanks. Yes im training one just to experiment a little my first run. My grow tent is a 3wx4lx6h. I have plenty of room to spread them out. Without overlapping eachother. I have them in 3 gallon pots. So I believe 2 weeks from today is going to be my light change


        They could get pretty tall in 3 gallon pots. All about your patience level and how tall you want em at the end. Sounds like you're on track.
        Space: 4 x 5 x 6, Two 600w HPS, Dirt farmer since Nov 2012.

        Current Grow: Platinum Bubba Kush


        • Senters93
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          Thank you. Yes i believe I'm right where i want to be. I ordered some feminised seeds last month(still havent arrived in the mail).. This round of plants are just random seeds that I collected out of some good bags(so thats why I count this as a practice grow!) My tent is only 6 ft tall. So my light has a max height of 5foot. Some of the plants are already 14 inches tall. I defoliated a few plants so the outside and inside Cola buds have time to catch up with the tallest colas before i switch!! So id say 2 more weeks and I will be ready to switch to 12/12. Without any further interference with light burn!!

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