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Anyone having trouble with Seedsman?

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    Anyone having trouble with Seedsman?

    Anyone having trouble getting payment through?

    Ordered from there 2 days ago with no issues


      Can I ask how you paid? I have had a check returned and the order cancelled.

      So I started a new order and used Zelle and the funds went out but the order is still "Awaiting Payment".


        Shipping is taking a bit longer (25 days), I had no problem placing an order and paying last month by cc.


          Tried all day yesterday and failed every time.
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            Just saw the new sale is up, I'm probably going to grab something, I'll report back.

            ETA I'm not too bright sometimes, the 420 promo isn't live until Monday.
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              Could it be due to the payment going through Italy? They got crushed by Covid. I'm on hold with my card company right now to see if it is on "my" end.
              TENT: Cool Grow 3x3x6 LIGHT: M-H TSW2000
              EXHAUST: AC Infinity T-4 and controller 67
              AIR CIRC: AC Infinity Cloudray S6 x2
              IRRIGATION: BluMat Tropf NUTRIENTS: Earth Dust


                I'm in the USA and had to log in to my credit card company's site to allow international payments before my first order could be processed.
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                  Have you considered buying from Paul at New420guyseed? He's local and excellent customer service.
                  Just my opinion.


                  • starramus
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                    One thing I will say about Paul he'll get seeds to you pronto! 3 days from CA to CO at the time. I believe he is now in Nevada. However quality is a bit flaky. I've been stabbed in the butt a couple of times.

                  I've had three orders confiscated by customs with them. I like the wide selection of strains, but the confiscations and exceedingly long wait times make Seedsman unviable. It's really too bad that customs has singled out this very good company.


                  Seedsman just came through for me again this morning. 100% delivery rate for me. It did take 4 days longer than usual but I'm not complaining considering what is going on in the world.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  • JohnEmad
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                    I love getting more seeds. Haven't paid for any for a while due to winning contests and replacements etc. That is a great variety FBL. Going to be fun to watch them grow out if you decide to post.

                  • FunkyButtLovin
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                    I'm probably going to grab some more Monday when the promo goes live. I have plenty but variety is nice.

                  • Daskahn
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                    I won a contest one time.. got a shit load of points to get freebies.. but had no where to send them so they revoked my winning.. but it was a different seed bank..
                    but man what a selection whish I had well all of them lol
                    Amnesia haze is turning out to be pretty popular lol .. next craze maybe bet someone buys a lot of em lol

                  Order Processed – In Transit to local Shipping Depot

                  The words I have been waiting for :-) Took a little while but looking forward to the genetics. I got a bunch of Skunk #1 regular seeds and going to hope for a good male to make some seeds.


                  • UndergroundFarmer
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                    I'm waiting for a Zelle payment to post so I can get that same notification! I too ordered some Skunk #1 regular from Sensi for an experiment to grow out some seedy buds to see if it was the same stuff I used to get about 30 years ago as well as some Dr. Frankenstein stuff with the pollen.

                  • billyboy
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                    I used Zelle and it took 10 days to couple of weeks to go through. I must learn patience :-)

                  I just ordered from Seedsman last Thursday with credit card. No problem.


                    I always use bitcoin on Seedsman; mine are in transit to the US right now...
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                    • kingfish
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                      They said mine will be shipped between May 1 and May 8. Allthou I haven't got a tracking number yet.

                    • FunkyButtLovin
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                      I usually don't get a tracking number until 1-2 days before it's delivered. They can't give you a tracking number until it has been shipped from a hub inside your country. Mine typically get mailed to me from a fairly local address.

                    I've ordered 4 times(today #4) since October and used a credit/debit card successfully each time, immediate payment confirmation. Only trouble I had this time was trying to translate the Italian website they had me pay through. Ayo aye boopity boppity.

                    Their customer service is great, my 3rd order was made at the end of last month and was supposed to arrive between 4/10-4/17. Come to find out some of my seeds were backordered even though they were in stock when I originally ordered. I emailed them and responded saying they would refund my order to store credit or I could wait. I responded and asked for them to ship my order whenever it is filled and I asked for $50 store credit for the inconveniences and so I could take advantage of their 420 promo. They credited me half of my order ($54.19) and are going to ship my original order whenever it comes in stock and they are going to put extra seeds in it! That shows me they really value their customers.
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