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STICKY: Question Posting Guidelines

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    STICKY: Question Posting Guidelines

    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to put some loose guidelines to help people know what to include when posting a question. Think of this as Question Posting 101.

    Please Include the Following In Your Question Post:
    1. Your Title Should Quickly Explain the Problem/Question - This makes it way more likely someone will answer your question because they'll be able to easily see from the list if it's something they can help with (example: "Leaves are turning yellow" or "Leaves are getting spots and plant is droopy")
    2. (Important!!!) Pictures - A picture of your problem as well as a picture of the plant in the setup.
    3. A description of your problem, and when you first noticed it
    4. Your Setup - Growing medium, nutrients, grow light, etc
    5. Did you do anything different before the problem occurred?
    Why are we so adamant about posting pictures? You might be surprised how often a simple picture gives all the information needed to solve a problem. A lot of the time growers don't know what details are important to share, but a pictures speaks a thousand words!

    Please be polite and say thank you! I also just want to point out that it's polite to reply when someone posts to try to help you out. If not to say thank you, at least to acknowledge that you read it. We all happily give free advice, but as one grower said, "it still feels a little cold when you put a bunch of effort in helping answer somebody's question and they don't even bother to reply after getting their answer."


    10-4 that Nebula. Well said!! All the way around.
    Indoor- Coco coir & Perlite - 5 gal Smart pots
    Veg-T5s Flower- Platinum LEDS
    GH Flora Trio Cali-mag, Terpinator Liquid Bloom
    photoperiod feminized seeds

    Testing for the_honeysticks genetics


    • alltatup
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      vaughnclark562 Welcome to the forum!! What you got growing???? Start a new thread and tell us about it.

    Thanks Nebula. I have been remiss at times of the thank you and as soon as the last piece of photo hardware arrives tomorrow, I will start posting pictures. I am pround of my babies and do believe that a pic is worth a 1000 words.
    It's not how crazy I am, but how much I enjoy it that makes me dangerous.

    Coco/Perlite 60/40, GH Nutrients and Calimagic, 5 Gal Fabric pots
    Germination lights 2 30watt LEDS
    Veg and Flowering 1 600 Watt GalaxyHydro LED

    Completed Grows. 1 Photoperiod and 2 Autos

    Current Grows: 1 mystery Auto 71 days, 1 White Widow Auto 62 days, 1 Amnesia Auto 62 days


      Nebula, I would think that 'paranoia' about the data contained in a jpeg, camera make, settings, and, not least, GPS data would be of concern to growers, especially in the 'uncivilized' areas, might account for the lack of photos.(?) Are there any safeguards in the forum is prevent 'mining the data' from posted photos? Do you know of available software to 'clean' the photos. The Windows 7 app does not remove much, if any, of the data (and it gives you a warning to the fact!).
      I've just gotten to the point of 'JDGASA' (just don't give a s--t anymore!)
      I agree with You, including photos and data (as you listed) would greatly speed up helpful responses. And THANK YOU for providing, managing, and refereeing this wonderful site! It has been a great resource of information for me.
      Smoke weed,.....grow peace!


      • TheGreenGiggler
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        Hmmm wish I had read this guide first, so that I had followed the required etiquette. That said I will hope for forgiveness and forage on. I am truly gunshy of posting in great detail and including photos just yet, but my desire to improve my craft leaves me stuck somewhere between a proverbial rock and a very hard place. Here’s hoping the questions I posted and those that I asked still get attention despite my short falls on protocol . If not I get why though... fingers crossed. Help or no help it’s still fun and you all seem to offer a lot of great thoughts! - thanks for making such a great place for info!!

      • alltatup
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        No worries! Good thing you read it now. It makes things a lot faster if it's a plant issue and you provide visuals.

      • Paracelsus
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        Thank You Ziggy

      Like biker, i sometimes forget to respond. Thanks for bringing it up! I will do better on my responding!


        I have a problem with my plant. I don't have any pictures and the only thing I can say is that my plant has a problem. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

        Completed auto grows 3

        2x4 Gorilla tent
        600W HPS
        GH Flora Series trio + Armor Si, CALiMAGic, RapidStart, Liquid KoolBloom, Floralicious Plus, FloraKleen, Diamond Nectar, FloraBlend, FloraNectar (Pineapple Rush version), Dry Koolbloom + Great White mycorrhizae & Terpinator

        Grows using this setup: 1
        Largest yield from this setup: 20oz / 567g

        Previous grows:


        • LuckyAcres
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          "Get the blade!"

        • NebulaHaze
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          You had me going for a second!

        • Tika
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          Start with WHAT plant are you growing then proceed

        Originally posted by OzBud View Post
        I have a problem with my plant. I don't have any pictures and the only thing I can say is that my plant has a problem. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

        A photo would help...... The rules say photo a must.


          i do think DW2 is right that posting photos is a big "whole 'nother step" for people who aren't super versed in internet privacy/anonymity. i know i wasn't ABOUT to post jack when i first joined...i was scared even to join. but i'm in a place where they'd probably like to set up a mini-gitmo for marijuana offenses if they could get away with it, so i'm probably overcautious. now, though, that i've spent a few months "here" i feel differently. obvs, cuz i posted my first pics ever to my first ever grow journal. BUT i would never have done that when i first joined, out of fear and of not knowing enough about what i was doing.

          in short, the willingness to post pics might be a MUCH bigger deal to some people than others, and especially so if they don't know what, say, EXIF data is.... just another perspective.

          and a HUGE thank you to Nebula for putting in all the work to make this wonderful place a reality. i really would never have had the confidence to do anything w/out this forum and this site... <3 <3 <3
          "i try to play the ball not the opponent."--Roger Federer


          • DW2
            DW2 commented
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            Hi Bobsakamoto, Thanks for your input. It sounds like you live in my neighborhood, I'm constantly looking out the window for the 'towns people with their torches and pitchforks' coming to get me! (I know there out there! somewhere....)
            Good luck with your grows

          • bobsakamoto
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            i'm the one pacing by the mailbox....

            thank you!

          Great post Nebula. And thank you for the information about removing personal information from your photos before posting.


            I agree thank you nebula for the info and making any photos uploaded safe! That explains why it takes a while to upload.
            Grow and good luck
            Current grow:


            past grows:




              Thanks Nebula....great sticky for all! And many appreciations for bringing us together for a safe and helpful community! 🌼
              Current grows...
              Recent grows...


                Thank you Nebula for EVERYTHING!!!
                Anyone can grow mid grade weed easy. If you want to grow top shelf bud, study hard.

                Growing since July 21, 2016; smoking since 1967
                2 BCNL Roommate hydro boxes w/ 400w COB LEDs, Future Harvest nutes

                Grow # 17: Box 1: Germination Aug. 1, 2022
                Future 1 Anesia Sds (37%thc), Imperium X Anesia Sds (36%thc)
                Box 2: Germination Sept 2, 2022
                Chemdog Anesia, Royal Gorilla RQS


                  Hi, all, great sticky Nebula, i am about to start a kind soil grow, i see a lot of people getting good results on this site with it.
                  now, i need some clarification on the watering of organic soil, do I water the soil like i learned to to do with 20% run-off? or is that not advised?


                  • Bklyndiaz
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                    Thanks, alltatup, I understand, I believe I got my answer already.Thanks

                  • NebulaHaze
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                    I'm sorry I didn't see this until now! If you're not adding extra nutrients during the grow, with Organic Super Soil you want to water just enough that you barely get any runoff at all. That helps prevent all the nutrients being flushed out during the grow, since the nutrients in the soil need to last your plant for longer

                  • Bklyndiaz
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                    No problem NebulaHaze, thank you

                  Would like to get the best seeds money


                  Hey NebulaHaze. Just wanted to let you know I just started winter indoor growing and so far I've had great success thanks to I've read practically your entire web site and fell like I'm already a pro. (although i'm not). Thank you for this fabulous tutorial and i'll be recommending it to all of my associates.
                  Thanks again,


                  • NebulaHaze
                    NebulaHaze commented
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                    I'm so glad to hear that! That's wonderful!

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