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Percentage weight loss during drying

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    HELP! Percentage weight loss during drying

    Hi GWE community,
    I read a piece somewhere about getting a perfect dry before curing. The person said that he weighed his buds before drying and again during the drying process. When the buds had lost X% of their weight they were ready to go in the jars. Can anybody tell me what the magic percentage is? It was probably in a post on here but I can't find it now - D'oh!

    When the small buds "snap" off the stem but the big buds still bend a little on the stem is when I cut and prep them for jars. There is an estimated weight loss during drying but it depends on how wet they were in the beginning. If you start with a dryish stem and buds and wait for a certain amount of weight loss you may never get there. There are plenty of youtube vids out there.


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      My personal experience is close to 75% +- 5 %. Last plant 213 grams wet and trimmed. Dry weight 50 grams so 76.5% loss

    I agree with JohnEmad: you'll lose around 75% of the weight, and you'll see the buds grow smaller like shrinking heads as all the water evaporates. Smaller and denser. Then when you jar them, they'll be around 62-65% RH if they're in the right zone for curing. If the RH is higher, dry em a few more hours.
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