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transplanting issues

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    transplanting issues

    I am a first time grower and don't know too much, but I'm learning a ton. I put my seeds into a starter plug and then transplanted them into a solo cup.. Instead of soil I used hydroton pellets. Now, I realize that was a mistake. Is there a safe way to transplant these so I don't kill them? They're growing pretty well, but they need to come out of those cups and into their final container.

    not going to be easy but perhaps cut slits 1 inch from top downward say 4 times and then cut bottom off while holding cup together. Then hold cup together with your hand until in new home and lightly pack grow medium around cup.Then simply lift / slide cup up off hydroton. My first quick thoughts.
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      That’s probably your best bet

    I think if you took cup to sink place your hand over the cup with the plant between two fingers turn cup over and gently pull off then rinse the pellets off and replant in new medium water with some voodoo juice and they should be fine
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