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    Grow room glasses

    Alright who uses glasses when they're working around their plants under those bright lights? I've been using my regular sunglasses which are a nice pair of Oakley's. They seem to work fine but the colors of the plants are skewed.
    ​​​​​​I looked on Amazon for grow room glasses and it seems like they're either in the $10-20 range or over $100 closer to $150. I just want to see my plants a little more clear and not damage my eyes, but quite frankly I'm not willing to spend $150 unless it's truly the best option.
    4x4x6.5 grow tent, Harvest Pro 600w ballast ,Vivosun MH/HPS, Vivosun 440cfm fan w/ filter
    ) 5gal dwc res.
    (1) solo cup in 5gal top fed dwc res.

    (1) solo cup roots organic coco premix
    GH Trio, Cal-Mag, LKB, Floralicious+, Sweet, Hydroguard, pH Down

    Current Grow
    White Widow (seedsman)
    Green Crack (garden of green)
    Northern Lights (00)
    Chocolate Kush (00)

    Solo Cup Challenge
    Alaskan Purple (seedsman)

    The splinter is the cost of the wood

    I bought these and Love Them!
    3'x3'x6' Cool Grow Tent and Large Wooden Cabinet
    3 and 5 Gallon Fabric Pots
    Coco Coir with 30% Perlite
    2-450 watt Vipar Spectra LEDs
    4" Exhaust with Vivosun Fan and Carbon Filter
    6" Oscilatting Fan
    GH Flora-Trio Nutes with Cal-Mag and GH Liquid Kool Bloom

    "Why Do You Keep Banging Your Head Against That Wall?"
    "'Cause It Feels So Good When I stop"


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      I also have these. One for me (always!) and one for wife.

    • duckman
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      I got 'em, no complaints for the price.

    I use the Vivosun HPS glasses and they work pretty well to correct the color but they induce minor issues with depth or shadows because I have a hard time seeing down through the canopy into the plants with them on. They're not perfect but they are definitely worth the $12.99. My biggest problem is that I always forget to take them off in the grow room so I never have them handy when I need them but thankfully my lights are well below my line of sight until I squat or bend over pretty far so the lights don't bother me usually.


      Method Seven's for LED since 2014. There are five things I don't skimp on in life. My eyesight is #1.


        I've been wearing the DeWalt eye protection that are tinted dark grey. They block UV,and darken enough to be comfortable, wrap around the sides, .and are pretty neutral in color.


        I also wear a boonie hat since I'm bald, light will sunburn your scalp.

        CMH in a short, crowded tent will do that.
        Nothing is foolproof for the sufficiently talented fool.


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