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    CBD for dogs

    I recall seeing a discussion about this last year but I wanted to ask again in case someone has found something new that works.

    I'm looking for something to give our Mastiff some relief. She's old (9) and her hips, knees and a hock are bothering her enough nowadays to clearly affect her quality of life. She's 160+ lbs so carrying her in and out to do her business once she can't get up and around is simply out of the question. We've all accepted the fact that we're going to have to let her go a bit early (she's pretty healthy otherwise) because of it but we'd like to have a couple more years with her if we can ease her pain and keep her joints working.

    If anyone knows of anything or has any suggestions, please let me know. We have had her since she was only 4 weeks old and a lot of people & animals are going to be devastated when she's gone.

    Not cbd but we give our Goldendoodle Hemp and Hips, it's a chewable. We also had given it to our Wheaton Terrier before he passed. He was old and his hips were real bad, definitely got relief from that and Dasuquin, another supplement that helped a lot!
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      Thanks! I'll look into them.

    I have given horse aspirin & there was another ointment for horses joints but I don't remember what it was called. I do remember a warning of using gloves to apply it because it would cause you to fail a drug screening.


      #4 - Type in CBD for pets, dosing info as well. Good luck


        I give this to my old girl. Seems to make a difference. helps with stress and anxiety also. Mota cbd oils.
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          Thank you everyone. I've got lots of learning to do and then hopefully I can figure something out for her.


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