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mosaic virus??

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    mosaic virus??

    can someone tell me what is happening with this plant? the leaves are very fat and have some discoloring. Pics seem to indicate mosaic virus? And there is no signs of new growth from the middle of the plant? The auto flower Northern lights is 2 weeks old

    Hey Jimbo321 It's hard to tell much of anything with the purple lights on. Can you take any with a flash or natural light or the ilk?

    Check out this link:
    ( )

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      Can't see nothing of the plant too > that color
      Smoke Ganja create Peace Respect Nature don't trash the Planet

      Soil grower with coco/perlite mixed in
      indoor/outdoor grower
      1 4x4x8 tent -veg.& flower - 2 viparspectraR450 =400watts from the wall they say?
      1 3x3x6 tent- seedlings veg t-5, CFL 54watt w/reflector for clone station. And 2 viparspectar 450r for veg. lights do to poor build with drivers bloom lights go out so no flowering.


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