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6week flowers (when to flush or not)

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    6week flowers (when to flush or not)

    Okay so i switched to 12/12 on 21st of December, i counted a week from then 28th and today is the 6th day (42days) from seeing pistils to buds.. (49 from 12/12) it is a 60day flower time from breeder 8weeks.. Do these still look to young to flush? Or no? I will get better quality pics soon

    Imo they look like they need at least 3 more weeks. All the pistols are still white. Do you have a loupe? Your trichomes will give you a better idea where your at


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      Agree, nowhere close to being finished.

    On this site somewhere is a discussion of what breeders say the "Grow" and "Flower" times are. In my limited experience they are no where close. I start the count as soon as I start seeing white pistols, so.. in short Breeders grow under ideal conditions and have a monetary incentive to show the best times.

    I think you are at least three weeks out, Those little buds should be reaching and almost touching the top ones, that's when I start looking at the trichomes, in my case as soon as I see amber the complete plant comes down.

    They are looking healthy, you got a great grow going.
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      Thanks all, i guess it might be longer flowering times due to using just oone of my 250w hps ?


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