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    Hello i have my plants but they dont look well and I need help to find out what is wrong with them and how can I treat them?

    Start by going through the Plant Problems link right on this site. If more help is needed provide more details on your grow ie dirt, hydro, nutes, lights, strain, auto or photo, etc.
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      Judging from the Picts...and assuming these are in soil. They look overwatered and are starting to experience some nutrient lock out due to incorrect PH. Start by checking the root zone PH. That means ph adjust the water going in, and record the ph of the water that comes out of the bottom of your container. If PH is good, what goes in Should be similar to what comes out. If not, you will need to flush (at the soil manufacturing companies recommended ph) until that happens.
      Looks like you are giving too much water (leaves clawing downward). You either need to give less volume or water less often (frequency). The medium should always go through wet/dry cycles.
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        You know how hard it is to convince someone they are killing their plants with water? I went to a friends, his plants were setting in pans of water. I ask him to do a test with just 1 or 2 plants and let them dry up. His plants now look much better, and his were much worse off that those in this thread. He has all plants drying out now, no more drowning the roots!

      • Chico
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        Toker1 Thank you mate for your help I really appreciated
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      Toker1 the ph is all good I have checked but I dont know why they have brown spots and leaf are getting dry like in the picture any other suggestions, Thank you
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        I believe someone gave you a few recommendations on what may be the problem to your plants issues. We can only tell you from our own experiences this is how we learn. Marijuana does not like soggy roots. Nothing but dry out and flushing and dry out then see how it looks. Check your temps, check your light distance, is your pot to small go through the list of what you did and then check what marijuana needs to reach a harvest. Good luck change doesn't happen overnight

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        What’s all good mean?
        What was the PH going in and coming out at?

      SoOrbudgal thank you I will do that and hope they will be fine


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        Don't give up keep researching what works best for you. Trial and error is how we all learned.

      Chico Sometimes, no, Many times, New growers do more harm than good by being "Over-Protective" of their plants and do 1 or more things simultaneously to correct a perceived problem. Plants need a little Time to respond to "Corrections" If you haven't already go back and read the Basics of how to grow pot.

      We've ALL made Mistakes starting out, ALL of us.

      Keep Learning, Keep growing - you WILL get better!
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